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Crystal Infused Chai


Who says the only way you can use crystals is by carrying them around or in gridding ?

What better way to start your day ? than with some crystal infused chai ?

In our last post we showed the indirect method of infusing water for elixrs.

In this post we're making some crystal infused chai !

I've seen various teas in the market that are for relaxing, or vitality or well being. Well you can just make your own little witches brew at home !

All you need is:

  1. A glass jar(s)

  2. Your favourite blend of tea

  3. Any of the following crystals listed below ( or you can choose your own ) in tumbled form - 3 pieces of the same.

Use a clear glass jar and top it up with your favourite loose leaf tea ( you can even put your tea bags in if you're a tea bag kinda person ) . Keep enough space for your 3 pieces of crystal .

Make sure your stones have been cleansed and filled with your desired intention. Make sure they are dry.

Leave the stones in the jar overnight or 24 hrs - keep the lid closed , you don't want any bugs getting in !

Remove the stones after 24 hrs and enjoy responsibly !


Listed below are some of the suggested crystals you can use.

  • CARNELIAN – kick start your day, vitality

  • TIGER EYE – personal power + focus

  • AMETHYST – a good night sleep (use with chamomile)

  • ROSE QUARTZ + KUNZITE – heart healing , anti anxiety ( use with a rose blend if you like)

  • AMAZONITE – cellular regeneration / well being

Let us know in the comments do you have any favorites ?

FYI are Frequently Asked Questions has been updated. Send us any questions you would like to see featured.

Happy Chai Time !


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