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A Path Less Taken 

The Battle of Light + Dark


Who will win this battle ? This age old fight.. For so long the sages they have said- Always choose the light..

But what if we changed P E R S P E C T I V E and wandered into the dark could we love our shadow because without the dark there can be no spark -----------------------

Light | Dark Good | Evil Neither has to win. Neither is bad or good. What is exhausting is the constant battle. The forces of light and dark are totally necessary for the beauty of this universe. There no battle to be fought in all truth. The only thing we can do is step away from the battle field. These age old stories created by religion, to push us into fear, or ritual or submission no longer have to be valid.

We do not need to pretend for the approval of the masses. Stop looking at the other as an enemy to be defeated. Look instead at the shadow you both carry within. If we drop the labels, then we drop the JUDGEMENT. what is there to battle then ? If tears are neither good or bad.. would be be averse to them. If failure was not a word in our vocabulary we would be be fearless. The more we judge, the more walls we build, so first drop this judgment on yourself.

In the dark, when we cannot see with our physical eyes, we will learn to see with our inner eyes. We may heighten our senses of touch, taste, sound . The womb of the mother is darkness. And we happily trust it for 9 months. We come out and we are taught to fear dark.

Crystal By Arura

Today I wish you a journey back into the dark Learn from Scorpio. Travel with Pluto , lord of the underworld and explore the darkness. Scorpio energy understands there is no death. There is only re- invention. Shape shifting. Leave chasing these labels of lightworkers, positivity, love and light and stop shunning the energy in which you took form. When you realize there is no battle to fight and no judgement to make, you will be free. And then what ? You can become the creator, master of darkness. The darkness will become your cauldron in which you brew your dreams, potions and manifestations. This is why witches wear black. They were masters of the dark. They were not evil, they simply knew how to create. So embrace it. After all it is darkness that can completely absorb light. Life is born from the womb of darkness. Darkness is the also the light. . Redefine your life ❤.

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Watch the video on The Shadow Self

Namaste ,Stay Greatful



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