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How do crystals work - 1



How do crystals work? I get this question a lot, and to be precise the question is

‘do crystals really work ?’ I understand the apprehension for those who are new to crystal healing... " How can a stone change my life? " is foremost on your mind.

In truth, the crystal is not the only ingredient, but like everything else is a tool to assist you in CREATING the life you wish to experience. We create our life rather than be victims of circumstance. The power to change your life, and change your perspective is within you. However I’ll save that topic for another day, and for today, let’s focus on one characteristic of crystals that helps in healing.

The world of crystals / minerals / rocks is filled with every shade of colour possible. So often I get people looking at a stone like Malachite, and they want to know- is this painted?

The answer is no. Not by man, but YES it is painted by Mother Earth, by Source … That’s how amazing and beautiful nature is.

I am sure we all accept the impact of colour on our life, and moods. We spend a great amount of time, and investment in choosing the right shade of paint for our walls, the colour of our clothes each day, and the objects we use to surround ourselves with.

Colours have the ability to affect our mood, and our energies. Science has shown us that colours are the result of light vibrating at different wavelengths – electromagnetic energy. This way we can understand that different colours have a different energy. Red being the shortest and Violet the longest.

This corresponds with the chakra system, which is our bodies’ energy system - according to Hindu philosophy. It is also known by many other names in different cultures, but since this system is based on colour, it makes it ideal to understand how the stones use colour as a medium.

If you are unfamiliar with the chakra system. Read this brief summary HERE first.

Crystal by Arura

In this multi hued universe, reds remind us of passion, pinks of love. The vibrant greens of a tropical forest relax and heal us, while the oranges of a sunset inspire us. Blues make us calm – they remind us of the sky and clouds, a floaty spaced out feeling... is it a surprise then, our upper chakras are shades of blue to white. ?

Red the colour, associated with both fear and passion, is the characteristic of the root chakra .. Do you see how it ties up together? Isn’t it so beautifully simple .. Crystals correspond both colour wise and energetically with the chakra that they are associated with.

Science has shown us that colours are the result of light vibrating at different wavelengths – electromagnetic energy. This way we can understand that different colours have a different energy. Red being the shortest thus slowest and densest, and Violet the longest, fastest and lightest.

This corresponds with the chakra system.

At the base of our spine is the root chakra . Which vibrates at a speed that corresponds with the colour red. Reds remind us of passion, energy, blood.

Deeper reds going into browns are a colour of earth. Thus all things related to life on earth and our survival relate to the root chakra and the red crystals.

When the root chakra is out of balance, on the depleted side, red crystals will add a boost of the necessary energy.

Arura Crystal

Think of healing like cooking. If you need a little spice in life, add some red !

If you need love – add pink.

If you are over giving, then a pink stone will teach you self-love, when it is programmed. Or green stones, will nourish and rejuvenate you. Both colours work on the heart chakra.

And so it is with every colour of the spectrum.. the corresponding crystal will work with the chakra to balance your energy. It is important to make a connection with your stone, just as in life you need to show up for life to unfold… if we don’t take responsibility for our own healing, the crystals will still work, but at a slower pace.

So here we are , with a basic explanation of the workings of the crystals based on knowledge we can understand. The effect of colour on our life.

Science is a tool to enhance knowledge, while faith and curiosity helps us keep an open mind…Yet it is ultimately experience that makes us believe and assimilate… So pick up a crystal, and with your intention, use this wonderful tool of nature to take back your power and create the life you want .

Namaste !

Stay Blessed ...

Crystal by arura

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