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A Path Less Taken 

Hello September


September is here.. it's a special month for me.. It's my birthday, and the birthdays of so many people dear to me ! Infact there's a birthday every week !

There's something romantic about the sound of September, the way it rolls off the tongue.. It's when the leaves start to turn colour.. the month of the fall equinox.. the beginning of change.. and a time to start slowing down and preparing for rest.

A number 9 month, nine is the number that represents endings, and endings mean new beginnings. Yet before we begin again , the soul needs time to rest and reflect before we start anew.. Because what is the benefit of a second chance, if we do not do it different ? So it is that God created winter…

a time for rest before we plant new seeds.

Crystal by Aurura

The energy may feel like it's all coming to a climax, and there's a good chance that we're feeling worked up and maybe restless. We feel rushed to achieve when instead we really need to slow down...November is a 10 month, which really adds up to a 1. So this is a time to reflect, pull out your journal, find yourself a quiet a few clouds go by, and let your thoughts come to you without judgement... watch them as you would a movie.. and give thanks, for both the good , and the bad .. (both which I believe are simply words to which we attach too much meaning) .

Arura crystal

The seasons were created for a reason.. fall is one of the most spectacular seasons. I remember when I lived in a country where the leaves changed.. I had a 2 hr commute to work ... and it was pure bliss.. these leaves that were once turning shades of red, orange, yellow.. The entire landscape on fire… it is as though God had decided he wanted to add some warmth to his creations before it turned barren.. a reminder of the beauty of nature..

The trees know that even though they are going to lose their leaves, it is a matter of time.. before they grow new ones.. they trust, they accept… and that is what September asks of you.. to trust that it is time to let go, of whatever needs to move on.. to shed the old and lighten the load. To have faith that all that is needed with be provided in the months to come.. For you have your gifts and talents, bestowed to you by nature.. with the right intention, faith and persistence… what you want is simply waiting ahead for you ..

So sleep gently my dear, and dream your dreams… spend time with your loved ones, give your body a break.. there is much work ahead.. but not before we have some fun !

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September stones for Virgo are sapphire, agate, moonstone, ,and peridot (chrysolite) . Read about them by clicking on their names.

Crystal Stone

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