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A Path Less Taken 

How the Earth has been balancing herself- Health

A new earth requires a new us. Since we have not been in balance with life, life is balancing things out for us. I see it myself with my own mistakes and choices. sometimes I feel my skin burn - which is karma clearing . Spirit and nature have a way of keeping us in check.

Why did we start to develop disease ? was it God ? no . As humans we were mistreating the environment , ourselves. Lets take dengue and malaria - mosquitoes come around stagnant water. There are annoying little creatures that irritate the crap out of us .

water represents emotions , when it is stagnant , like our emotions , it attracts mosquitoes - which are a creation of our unexpressed anger and emotion. There bugs then bite us which force us to get irritated and release the emotion. Other more serious illnesses help to show us where our energy , lifestyle etc is misaligned.

Not every illness is meant to be cured - some are present to help us grow , and those around us grow. But we will eventually move towards health.


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