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the journey

The quest to discover my purpose and seeking answers were birthed in me at a young age.. Studying history and religion in school,  I was inspired by the Buddha’s teachings to set out on my own journey to find enlightenment.


The day is so clear in my head- standing in my room in my yellow shorts, proclaiming to no one in particular I was going to seek nirvana in this life ! A tall order to make for a 12 year old.. it gives me goosebumps still.

Enlightenment has been a constant journey- it is a risky one, an adventure nonetheless,  that leaves you sometimes frustrated, and sometimes delirious with ecstasy. The brain is wired to go by logic, but to find freedom, one must forget everything they know, and start all over.  

The love affair with crystals is old, but it took me a while to know. This was it , my path. Once I knew, the desire to leave everything else behind – a 16 yr old career in fashion-  and pursue  this  was all I could think of doing. And so I did.


They helped me discover my own strength, find answers where there were none, and make the shift to a better life. From Fashion Designer to Energy Healing , Divination and doing Soul Readings / Past life.. this journey has been Amazing to say the least. 

The greatest pleasure however has come sharing the magic, and  from those who come and tell me- I am feeling a change in myself after using the stones... and so it begins.

Arura is labour of love, a desire to share these gifts of earth, and the knowledge with all who seek. We are in a time of change, the Age of Aquarius – when we move towards a deeper and more loving way of living. Where we tap into our personal power and create a better life.

There is an age old saying by Lao–Tzu ,

“the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

At Arura I ask of you,  let your spiritual  journey start with a single crystal...  

It is my promise to bring to you, the best, authentic , and high quality crystals from around the world.. Each crystal is cleansed and charged by me, blessed with intention and universal energy. 

I hope you find a crystal that you love, or as they say, I am sure the crystal will find you ! 



Founder , Energy Healer, Akashic Reader. 

crystal by arura
crystal by arura
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