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A Path Less Taken 

Letting Go

crystal by Arura

Letting go is so hard to do, we get attached for all kinds of reasons… Fear of being alone, sentimental attachment, Fear of needing the object again, afraid we will never find another one like it, or another such relationship… But really, how much can we accumulate, how much can we own, and can we really possess everyone and everything. Even our thoughts are not ours, they are influenced by society, our bodies turn to dust, our lives are lived according to our circumstance.


For the longest time, society has glorified wealth of the physical kind - the bigger your home, the larger your car, the fatter your bank account - the more successful we are considered... but what we did not realize is that all the things we own, end up owning us. The bigger your house filled with possessions, the more afraid we are of losing them... and so we install security systems that need attention and money... And so we work harder, to protect it all. We may have gained a lot of material things, but what we have lost - remains unseen.. we lose some of the greatest things that we have been given - peace of mind , time, and trust to name a few. This isn't to advocate living in a cave, but to encourage to live simply, focus on what’s important, and consume mindfully.

Arura Crystals

As I started my journey with crystals, I was fascinated, and my obsession with these beauties only grew. Even more when I began to understand how they were working for me.. Yet, as I began a business, I realized that I was so attached to these stones, I didn't want to part with them.. Until the day came and I realized, this was impacting my intention and my ability to earn. My attachment to the stones was preventing them from going to the homes they needed to go to, and in the bargain the stock was piling up. I was stressing about sales, but it was all my fault. Once I realized this was harming me, and the people I was meant to help, I let go mentally - realizing that even though I have let go of stones in the past, more beautiful ones have always come my way. After all, hasn’t my intention been to help, not to hoard.

When we realize, that we are made of the same energetic material, that we are all connected by a single source that we came from... the we realize- we are not separate from anyone or anything. We are but many seeds of the same fruit. Call it Source, call it God, Christ or Krishna.

We are simply manifestations of one big ball of energy. We’ve come to have different experiences, and those experiences include feeling sad, as much as feeling happy. Trust me it would be really boring to be happy all the time. We are designed to crave change, and the challenges are what motivate us to wake up and play the game. For one who has experienced it all, has no desire to be reborn into the game.

When people hurt us, or choose to leave us, or perhaps we choose to leave them... we are simply leaving an energy behind, and being open to experience something different. It is completely normal to grieve, to miss the person, but we can understand, that nothing is really lost – it has simply transformed.

So let go – of your possessions, your fixed ideas, your expectations.. Make room for new experiences and freedom. The freedom to own nothing, yet have it all.

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