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A Path Less Taken 

A healers Healing

a new dawn

Earth is supposed to be school for our souls.. the most beautiful of all. 

We came to enjoy and learn.. and were given a home for our soul - our bodies and  free will.. 

Over time our choices have cost us, especially in terms of our health. Our body, which is our vehicle for our life here.. is much more than what we see , it's not just about flawless skin, and spas, we're going deeper and further... It's arguably the most incredibly designed SELF functioning living intelligence ! 

Stop to think, you take an average of 26000 breaths in a day.. the body is supposed to regenerate itself every 30 years , our brain transmits millions of messages across each day..But how connected are we to this home of ours that houses our soul ? 

Beyond our physical body we also have our energetic bodies. These we cannot see, but are very present..The Aura, our Chakras... everything works together to keep us in good state. 

Sometimes in life, you might have to face major disease. 

Sometimes its karmic, or we are taking it on to help others..and sometimes its a teacher. 

As one desiring to be of service, of being a healer ( a channel for energy, helping others) one has to go through their own trials for this reason. To be able to understand disease and how to heal it.. the best way sometimes is to experience it. Nothing like a practical exam to see if you are ready ! 

I was diagnosed with lupus from the age of 21.. and always thought it served a purpose. It made me more compassionate, taught me about my own strength...etc 

When I discovered lousie hay.. I could understand it's emotional connection.. when I was hospitalized this time.. I could heal a lot of it. Each episode of dis ease in my life has bought me closer to being a better healer and my purpose which I have been so keen to know since childhood. 

In fact this time.. I can feel the I've as cleared out all junk and my ability to heal or my intuitive gifts have become amazingly strong, and I have an opportunity to practice as I'm surrounded by dis-ease.

In this time, I keep coming up against blocks for me to dissolve. They may not make sense to others but they make sense to me . 

This time I had to be admitted just 2 days after coming home. I didn't get my usual window side bed. I did as usual not know when I was being discharged.. (i am writing from my hospital bed) - and it all looks like poor me, and oh you keep falling sick, but in meditation I found I need to learn to be very flexible and prepared - I am such a planner to the last T. otherwise..I need to adapt to all situations. 

Who knows what lies ahead? Definitely not me. I've seen that life keeps throwing curve balls, and one has to learn to dance around them. Choose your style - Graceful ballet, or break dance. Stand still and please don't cry about being hit in the face ! 

So for those on the path of wanting to be healers, and as I have noticed that a lot of us are going through health challenges- tune into what this health issue is telling you. Look around and see what you have to learn. Don't look for another healer to heal you. Awaken your own healing ability. This dis-ease is your friend, your ally , your teacher. Work with it. and when the lessons are learnt (for now) you will be able to say - yes I can heal. 

One thing I have learnt, and I try to say it with compassion - there is nothing SAD in this life. It's an amazing movie we play a role in, it's a mystery to be solved and you're detective. 

So go seek those answers and prepare for the role YOU have chosen..and wake up to a new day ! 

Happy healing 


( I want to say I am extremely greatful to my doctor's for their part.. allopathy very much holds it's place and should not be substituted without any consulatations. ) crystals help you on an energetic level to under and clear your issues. With right diet, and attitude.. a lot of the side effects / toxicity of allopathy can be reduced - this has been my own case..when I was on toxic drugs.. I managed to avoid nausea and extreme weakness)

To be fair too much of anything is not good. Too much of any natural susbtance can also be harmful ! So it's about finding the right balance. ) 

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