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A Path Less Taken 

New Moon in Virgo Ritual

The beauty of life ,is you can die without leaving this body.

Die today and be born again tomorrow.

That's the kind of death that's a gift.

That's Healing


As the new moon energies commence, take some time out for your SELF today.

Light a candle and quieten your mind.

Find the place within, that was your birthplace.

The moment your SOUL entered this body. It resides in there.

Yet is isn't confined by this outer sheath.

Find it and ask it what it wants. What it has chosen to experience. Why ?

What does it wish to experience ahead.

These are times of New Beginnings . You are free to REINVENT , to RECREATE the bloodline.

Is there a reason you're afraid to feel good ? ask yourself...

What archetype ( character ) are you holding on to ?

Hero , Victim , Pauper or Prince.

Take a minute to pinpoint the recurring theme of your experiences

and you will understand where you need to shift your energies.


New Moon in Virgo in Virgo Season this 30th August 2019

Talk about blessed !

Virgo is the HEALER or the ZODIAC .

The sixth sign , The HERMIT.

Introspecting , working to heal. Always willing to serve.

Hardworking, perfectionists... but that's where things go wrong. They forget to take care of themselves , they forget to be less hard on themselves and show some love.

Like Virgos , we underneath have this need to be perfect , look perfect , feel perfect....

T I M E -O U T - P E O P L E !

And so this new moon you are being asked to FINALLY decide you need to allow yourself to be taken care of. By the UNIVERSE , by yourself, by friends and family.

If you are struggling with love - then your relationships might be unbalanced.

But your greatest relationship is with yourself.

It is only as much as you love your SELF ,

that you allow yourself to RECEIVE , to GIVE , to GROW , to FLOURISH

Virgos are ruled by Mercury , the planet of Communication.

How is your communication with self ? Could it use improvement ? Are you listening to your bodies needs , your hearts needs ? Or are you simply feeding EGO ?

Ask your Self . Look within.

So before tomorrow the moon starts to emerge , give yourself permission to receive


Like the Trees receive the Rain

Like the Birds enjoy their Freedom.

Like the River flows into the Ocean

Allow yourself to Be


To Receive


a RITUAL you can perform :

On a piece of paper , write a letter to your little self from your Higher Self ,

Giving YOU permission to live life to the fullest.

Forgive yourself for any choices you may have made that worked against you.

Agree to make choices from a higher place and write down all that you seek to experience.

Be willing to let go of any old stories...

Write it in the following format:

I am greatful to Experience (----)

as though it has already happened.

Tune into the feeling of it having happened, your joy and gratitude. Give thanks when you are

in that energy. It is that vibration of EMOTION

( Energy in Motion ) that draws our experiences to us.

Write as many experiences as you wish.

If you find yourself really struggling , then

simply write:

I am ready to experience (......)

Because faking it doesn't work. You have to BELIEVE

Once you are done , Sit in that feeling of bliss, and release the past, thanking it for what it taught you .

BURN this paper or keep a rose quartz + clear quartz over it.

If you don't have any of those , simply keep it in a sacred space and consider your wish given to the universe.

You may visit it time to time to reinforce your Intentions / Beliefs.

Work With L AB R A D O R I T E for those inner journeys ,

M O O N S T O N E to connect with the light ,

C L E A R Q U A R T Z to manifest.

Have a fruitful New Moon all..

Blessed Be


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