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Frequently Asked Questions about Crystals 

Some of the most common questions asked . Please remember , crystals are a tool, and a natural method to support you. We must do the work on the physical and mental level too. By themselves , they will work, but with your intention, they will work even better. 

crystal by arura



This is a question asked by all new to the world of crystals ! It’s very simple . Let the crystal choose you ! if you are unsure which crystal to use, and do not have the guidance of a healer – trust that the crystal you are most attracted to is the right crystal for you. In fact, use this judgement even when you are being offered a crystal if you wish. Since as beings of energy we give out a certain vibration – this acts like a magnet which draws us to, and invites a crystal of a complimentary vibration. You can also use the reference of the chakra system, and choose crystals based on their colours- corresponding to the chakra issue it relates to. For a quick guide read our chakra guide HERE.

my crystal broke. What should i do ?

Please do not throw your crystals just because they crack, chip or break. Personally I have had a lot of my crystals break and I feel they signify either a release of energy, a change in energy or well sometimes its a simply an accident. In any case you now may have two pieces of crystals to work with ! 

A lot of  times I find that  cracks and chips create beautiful rainbows. And who doesn't love a rainbow ! Your crystal is simply teaching you to love it no matter what, and in the same way to love yourself despite out heartbreaks, imperfections and missing bits. Everything is perfect as it is , everything is whole. 

Nothing is separate in the universe  its only an illusion of ego ! 

If you do wish to dispose of your crystals, please thank them first for their time with you, and bury them in the soil or in nature. Please do not dump them in the garbage. You may pass them on, but only after you have thoroughly cleansed them. 



Like all things in life, crystals should be used in balance. They are after all used to bring balance into your life. I have a strong belief in the power of thought. Fear attracts more fear. Use your judgement, and intuition. If you have a good relationship with your crystals, you will know when it is time to give it a break, or if it is not suiting you (which means you do not need it in your life at that point, or perhaps you can try shifting its location. ) . Crystals are your friends, they will not harm you – yet as all friendships and relationships in life, balance is the key ! A crystal will not fix your problems. YOU have to do the work, but like any good friend, they will help you make changes. Please read how crystals work HERE

Some crystals may not be suitable for your energetic make up. Use it for seven days to see how you feel. It is normal to feel discomfort while doing self work as our blocks come to the surface to be released. So keep that in mind before you decide a crystal is not for you, or perhaps your just having a hard time dealing with the issue that needs healing. Go slow in that case and be kind to yourself .. 

Some crystals are toxic - they should not be used in the raw (unpolished form ) , Also personally I do not advise putting crystals in drinking water. You may use the crystals from the outside, place them around the glass, or cover the glass and place the crystals on top. This will work as effectively. Crystals are polished using various  chemicals and injesting them is not the best idea. 


There are various ways to clean your crystal , read our in depth article HERE.

can i share my crystals?

Is it ok to share my crystals and  let other people handle them. No ! Your crystals are your healing tools, and are tuned in to your energy. They are an extension of you and while you work on yourself, you don’t want other peoples energies to influence your crystals. If find that this has happened, you can cleanse or sage your crystals.


Yes , you may gift a crystal to a friend and put an intention. (say a prayer) It is best to ask for the highest good of the person involved, and trust they will receive what they need. We cannot fix anyone, we each have our own journey, and lessons to master. What we think is good for someone may not be in their best interest, this is why we ask for their highest good. 


Please read the article HERE.

can i keep my crystals together? 

Yes you may keep your crystals together. Try not to overcrowd them so that they do not get damaged.  If they are specifically to help the energy of your space, you may keep them in a particular location. Use a Feng Shui Bagua to get an idea . 

what is an intention? 

Most people think of intention as having a very strong will or determination. Actually, I got that idea from reading Casteneda’s last book, The Active Side of Infinity, where he says sorcerers have this idea that there’s a source in the Universe from which all things are intended, and sorcerers call this “intent” and that all of us are connected to it, there’s no way that we cannot be.

- Dr Wayne Dyer 

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If  you have a question of a personal nature , please consider making an appointment. I aim to offer offers long term solutions, not quick fixes. We can explore the root cause and take the necessary steps to make a more impactful and long lasting change ! I wish you all the very best.. Write in using the form below. 


Aarti Kalro 

 ( Founder )

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