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The Akash is an energetic record of our souls history, each lifetime, past , present and the future possibilities.  Accessing thee Akash is an opportunity to heal relationships, understand the emotional or energetic cause of illness, or simply help us to make more empowered choices. To know more, visit the page HERE



guided meditations

on topics such as 

Forgiveness | Inner Child Healing | Connecting to your Higerself

The myth is that Meditation is hard and boring…However a guided Meditation session can actually make meditation enjoyable for those new to it, or those seeking help in a specific area of life.

Using the power of visualization, awareness and relaxation –learn a new way of looking at life and create new ways of being. 

Create a better relationship with your body, go on a journey of self discovery or simply take a breather. Ask to do a meditation that is tailored to your needs and healing. 

Contact us using the form here

meditation buddha

learn about crystals

Take a beginners course on crystals, learning the basics on topics such as

*making a grid

*crystal shapes 

*using a pendulum

*programming your crystal

Contact us for a class using the form here 

Please mention the subject as CRYSTAL CLASS and leave your contact details for a call back.



A 21 Day online workshop that you may conduct at your own pace . 

Heal your Inner Child through journalling . A in depth workshop that helps you identify childhood wounds that may be affecting your adult life and relationships. 

To know when the next Workshop commences. Mail us  here 

Please mention the subject as INNER JOURNEYS and leave your contact details for a call back.

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