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A Path Less Taken 

A New Approach

Namaste.. It has been a while l since I found myself here.. I have been exploring my own Inner landscape.. Over the last two years, my approach to healing has changed. The intention behind what I offer is markedly different from when I first began. A learning that I have had to experienced, was that we cannot escape our souls path. Tring to avoid karma (the consequence of our actions / choices) is not possible or advisable, instead we can face our lessons with grace.

We have moved into a time of instant manifestation of our thoughts , actions, choices and so there is no next life for us to wait for. Why don't we then take responsibility for our inner world and what we create and project.

Since we are part of a greater consciousness, we are all connected whether you realize it or not. Our thoughts have an impact on the planet and those that we love. We cannot just go about doing as we want without it affecting others, and the vision that Source has for us is heaven on Earth. A place where we can all feel good and live in harmony. This means understanding that our good may not be good for another, and vice versa.

And so in the past when I suggested crystals , and people came for the same , there was always the intention of I want to heal and get rid or change this. Which is still the intention that I hold , but rather than just change the external - the focus in on mind and soul ( your inners cape which will then reflect and transform the outer scape) .

This brings me to the topic of health. Many times when we are suffering from disease, we may take it as a failure - but this also in some cases serves a purpose to us , in our growth, in the larger picture. So it really isnt necessary that every illness is here to be changed. Maybe acceptance is your learning , and one you do , it will no longer bother you or may if it has served its purpose go.

What I am implying is that there are many possibilities on our path... no journey i perfect or even slightly similar , we are all each unique.

So I urge you , to rethink your journey and path.

Ask ask for strength and courage to face your challenges, and the wisdom to know what's best.

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