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A Path Less Taken 

Failure is not possible

You were born to be a success. Failure is a concept created by man.

We must try to understand that lessons are not punishments. They are experiences chosen by our soul to learn about the human experience and EXPERIENCE them. They are about ultimately learning and choosing love more and more.

What happens if you don't understand a lesson.

Nothing. We will be presented the lesson again.

Is Spirit mad at us. NO ?

Would you be mad at your child for being unable to walk.. Because time as we think if it, is an illusion...we are never late, or early for anything. The only time that exists is this moment.

The only life that exists now. The only future that also exists is now.

Your AKASH is actually stored in your DNA . That is why Rumi said, the Universe is inside you.

This is why you are a creator. You are directing your Akash.

When you detach from viewing your experience or outcome as good or bad, you are free to make new choices rather than regret and live in the past.

It is ok to cry and feel, yet let go of the story.. that you are a victim. You are not. You are a winner. You just need to believe it.

Believe in yourself . Use Solar plexus stones like tiger eye and citrine or pyrite to connect to your personal power.

Blessings <3


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