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Visualize a beautiful library of light, containing a record  of every experience, of every soul that has lived. Our past lives,  Our present and Future possibilities. Hard to believe but a place such as this does exist, on an energetic level in the boundary-less universe.

The Akash are a vibrational record of the events, thoughts, beliefs and feelings of every human being in all of their lifetimes. 

A medium with a strong connection to the universal vibrations and frequencies, is able to access these records  and share this information with you. The records may be used to access and understand relationships, based on the soul contracts we have made in this life and the learning we have chosen.  One may also access the highest potentials and possibilities for this current life your soul has chosen to incarnated within. 

It is a wonderful tool not just to navigate our life situations but also towards our ascension and spiritual growth.  The records are a loving and safe space, and can be used to heal energetically and align with our higher selves. 

A reading can help you to

★  understand the reasons underlying your challenges and situations 
★  understanding the root cause of illness
★  gain a deeper understanding of your relationships  
★  learn about your soul contract for this lifetime
★  receive messages from your guides 
★  do deep healing on a soul level
★  speed up your ascension process
★  find out about past lives that are linked to your current lifetime
★  connect and communicate with your higher self 
★ live a more authentic and purposeful life

In a typical reading, you may meet your guides, spirit animals , or loved ones ( human and pets ) who have passed (if they wish to be present). You may receive messages regarding relationships and situations, and access past lives that are currently impacting you. Each time I do a reading I never fail to be amazed at the information that comes through, and how well most clients resonate with it.

What may sound absurd to me makes complete sense to the client. I do not need any information about you other than your legal name. Everything that needs to be revealed comes through the records. 

We can video / phone call or do it by email. it is not necessary to be present , as accessing the Records happens on an energetic plane .

If you are ready to take this marvelous journey to discover your soul self... 

Please download the document HERE  to know more. 


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