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A Path Less Taken 

Virgo Full Moon 27.2.2021


for the week ahead.

22.2 - 28.2



Hello Pieces season 🐟 , and happy birthday to all you beautiful Pisceans out there !!

We are asked this week to look at the higher perspective of what is occurring within us and in the world.

We are not victims here but we are being cracked open and shaken up only as a part of our Ascension. ( A higher better way being).

This week ends with a full moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is all about balance and right time and right everything !!! Yet that desire to be right and perfect can send us into a spiral of shame and frustration.


Instead let Virgos watchful eye allow you to create beauty in your life. Pay attention to the details too. It's the small things that make life beautiful , and create a whole. Find balance as Virgo is the no 6 sign.

Mercury retrograde is over but we are still in shadow. However we can expect some clarity and the brain fog start to clear.


Watery spiritual Pieces is also asking us .. where are we being called to journey.. as we enter a new cycle of the Earths chapter.. where is it that our souls are calling us ? What is all that emotion that we are being called to dive into, explore, the one we have been avoiding or eagerly waiting for ?


Trust the Universe. Even more so. Trust yourself. You are creating it, with your thoughts , feelings , choices , perspective and action.


Allow yourself to unfold and shed the unwanted with the full moon.. Virgo is also the Healer. Let her heal you as you fine tune your self and your vision for a more beautiful world. This is a week for beauty and introspection, clarity and maybe some communication..



Crystals you can work with.


Shamanic Dream Quartz ( you may just meditate on the piece or call on its energies)

alternatively use Labradorite.

(In the store here )


Kunzite for gentle healing and love. or rose quartz



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