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A Path Less Taken 

i to I

Crystal Arura


i to I


As a creator i was always afraid of other people copying my work, mad when they did , and furious when they passed it off as their own. Until i started to meditate on the Self and I realized , that 'I' was in fact 'i' or in other words Ego. the little i is always afraid of losing it's place in the world. The true I knows that everything is IT. and IT is everything.

Does God admonish us for using his creations and charge us money ? Does he lose his temper when all our creations are inspired by him and his nature, yet we try to do something as stupid as 'copyright' them ? The true artist, the I awakened, creates because that is all the I is. The awakened creator, fears not stealing of ideas, because the awake knows the ideas have come from Source, they have come from I, I-tself. And they will keep coming again and again,there is nothing else to do and the possibilities are endless.

We have all come from I, and we are but pieces of the same seed. It is only natural we will all chance upon the same I-dea eventually, because we are simply one big giant brain. So stop wasting time fearing the loss of your place in the world... for you are the world and the more you create , the more you will surround yourself with beauty.




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