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A Path Less Taken 

Full Moon in Pisces - Sept 2022

Ask not for riches of the material kind , but an abundance of Courage , Faith , Love and Wisdom.

As we come closer to ending 2022 - a year that was touted as magical and life transforming. A year of love , soulmates , abundance , fame..

I'd like to share my own 2 cents of the year that has gone by , not because this moon is particularly significant for me but because this is my birthday month and so comes close to end many chapters in my life.

I find it delightful and so mischievous of the Universe that today is the last day of Ganesh Visarjan as we immerse the Lord, the remover of obstacles and also witness a full moon in watery Pisces bring to close in our life certain chapters.

I just realized I may finally be done with my 20 year love affair with my favourite coffee chain and move over to a new one , in my new neighborhood where I am yet to make new friends but here I am writing a new blog !

The coffee is cheaper , tasty , the food delicious and the ambience a lot more cozy and intimate.

Coffee is not doing me any good but it brings back to me a zest and passion for restarting my life after having died what feels like a 1000 deaths this year.

I do not really know much what the themes are , as I have long stopped reading astrological reports or pulling cards - wanting to tune in more to my own intuition and inner gps. Something I urge you all to do.

Pisces the realm of the dreamers and psychics has us wanting to delve into our psyches and explore our dreams. Mercury retrograde brings with it the desire to revisit the past or rather throws into our faces the past making it look oh so romantic and rosy maybe ? (Piscean illusion) But Pisces doesnt just represent the light. It also represents the murky depths and our shadow.

Do you feel your shadow coming forward ? It has been an angry energy for me. Anger and depression. Wanting to sleep through it all and not take action. I feel I am at a critical point in my life where I am not presented with choices as I was a year ago and a directive from the Universe to commit to SOMETHING.

It just struck me I can commit to being non committal the rest of my life :P , but that's always been me and so where is the fun or growth in that ?

Well growth is not always fun and ascension is hardly a walk in the park. Its like being the ball in the soccer finals and you're being kicked around by both the light and the dark. Who will win ??

Where your shadow is strong, acknowledge it. Accept it rather than try to shove it down or pretend it doesn't exist.

When we embrace our Shadow , we can accept the shadow of others.

Here's a shadow I have - and it comes as a by product of a childhood that demanded perfection. When I don't feel good about myself or life, I search for the flaws in others. Why ? Well it feels good to my insecure inner child that hey , I'm not the only one that's flawed. I'm not alone in this..

How do I handle it ? Since I have not yet killed the habit , I indulge in it, but I am aware where it is coming from. And after it - I forgive myself and send love to the other. One day I wont need to do it, as I feel completely as easy with my perceived imperfection.

This could be a lifetimes (or many lifetimes ) work , and I accept it now. The most important thing I have learned is to laugh at it all. At the end of the day we are taking nothing with us. Not these identities or possessions. The best we can do here is acknowledge this experience we are ALL having. Have some fun while we express our gifts and find and create joy - for ourselves and others. If something is not for you - that's fine, we can walk away without judgement , because everything is Source everything as a right to exist.

Change is constant , and Ascension is not an upward journey in a straight line. But an expansion of our awareness, our inclusiveness of others , of this universe , of ourselves. Discovering more and more how much can we expand , fall back in, and expand all over again.

This full moon, ask to be released of the illusions that keep you bound to fear , judgement, separateness - whether from yourself or others .

I wish that you are illuminated enough to see the Divine in ALL of life, starting with yourself.

Blessings , and much gratitude for reading.

If you wish to reach out to me , email me at

Wish you a happy September !



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