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A Path Less Taken 

555 Portal - 23.5.21


I've spoken of the significance of 555 before. Check previous posts.

Today is the last of the 555 portals..


I don't know about you. But i have felt big things come up for healing. And certain cycles demanding closure.


Life is not as complicated as we make it. The mental body is meant to help us create thoughts, be a receptor to ideas from Source. Instead over the last 100 years or more we have made it an instrument of fear.

Before the 6 which is all about love and abundance comes 5. Look at the 5... with its sharp corner to turn.. then slowly going into a beautiful flow. 6 is all flow..

We are meant to flow as souls.. and create.

Affirmations will work only when

1. We truly believe it.

2.We truly feel it

3. We embody ( act from that space of knowing)

If you are having trouble moving forward, ask yourself, what was the blessing that the past brought me. Did I become stronger, did I learn something about myself, is this an opportunity to heal an aspect I am refusing to see.

Since this last portal is in the sign of Gemini. There is emphasis on how we communicate.

Communicate with Self, Communicate with Spirit, Communicate with others..


This eclipse season also brings with it a total solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse. Talk about closing the chapters and re setting.

Take a good look at your life and ask yourself what are my values. Your values will define how you live your life. Your values will help you each time you are faced with a decision. Is this me. Or is this not me.

There is no such thing as not meant to be . The universe ALWAYS gives you what you want. Why it turns out different is the reason behind what you want what you want. The sponsoring thought. Is it fear based. Or love based.

Wether you are prepared on not, eclipse season will bring major shifts in your life. There is nothing to fear because your soul already KNOWS it all. Just sit quietly and tune in. The soul can be found through the heart. Not in the mind.

Crystal Arura

Some tools to help you through this


1. Chanting Om to clear your mind.

2. Journaling . For clarity and connecting with , releasing your past feelings.

3. Grounding. EXTREMELY important as we reset our root chakras.

4.plenty of water to detox.

5. Dream and create !!

Crystals to work with

Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz . Kyanite to communicate.

Get them here

Happy Creating. 🥰 You Soul came here to have experiences and remember its nature of creator. It did not come here to know everything in advance because that defeats the point of experience !

We only came to create. So embrace that, embrace your worthiness, and your ability to take charge of your life .

❤️❤️❤️. Stay grateful, and creative !


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