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A Path Less Taken 

Grounding Ritual for Challenging Times

G R O U N D I N G . R I T U A L



Sending out strength and energy to release fear and toxic programming. At this moment, many of us may be cut off from nature and the ability to ground. Visualization + Intent is a powerful tool we can use along with crystals.

Here is a simply ritual I was guided to create in the moment !


*Connect to the beauty of Earth in your heart and visualize yourself standing just off center of the Agate by the gold disc, not on it.


*Feel your feet begin to vibrate and the chakras at the soles of your feet connect with the Crystal.

* Allow all fear from your mind and body move down and feel the agate pull it out of your body. Let it travel outward and leave through the points surrounding the disc. Thank Mother Earth for her nurturing and Healing.

*Step onto the Gold Disc and connect to it. Visualize a beam of light coming from the sky and let it enter your body and light up each chakra as it goes down and connects you to earth.

*Feel your self energized and connected to Earth and Spirit at the same time. Absorb this energy for as long as you wish. You may ask for guidance about anything.

* Say thanks once you are done.. Feel free to come back to this ritual anytime.

Please feel free to share this ritual if guided to. Have a great day ...


Crystals you can use for Grounding are

Smoky Quartz .

Black Tourmaline


Get them in our webstore HERE


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