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A Path Less Taken 

In the Beginning

A New series on the journey of Awakening. What is it ? Understanding it , and hopefully finding the joy in the beautiful process.



noun [ S ]

UK /əˈweɪ.kən.ɪŋ/ US /əˈweɪ.kən.ɪŋ/

Wakefulness . The state of being conscious.

The act of starting to understand something or feel something


Crystal By Arura

You were born asleep, unaware of your journey.

Because if you remembered , you might not want to be here in this crazy messy world.

Yet a part of your journey, was to wake up to that remembering when you were tired of it all. ... To discover your soul, and to learn to live from that space of understanding and creation.

For the good of the human race, our real strengths are hidden . Because look at what we did with the atom bomb. And so we need to learn the destructive power of ignorance and learn to choose from an awakened state before we really awake to our SELVES.

We've evolved enough to understand that consciousness exists, and that everything is made of of energy. In fact isn't science dedicated to the understanding of phenomena. Yet somewhere we decided that if we can't prove it or understand it it must not exist..

Did you know ? an atom is 99.99 % emptiness.

Then in truth 99.99 percent of this universe is just NOTHING ?

Or is it ?

So what lies in that emptiness then ?

Within it is the field of possibilities. The space for your dreams and thoughts.

It is your playground to create what you wish...

We ARE nothing but a bunch of rapidly moving particles. We are the dream space, the drawing board.


You will not understand the sweetness of sugar until you experience the spice of chilies or the bitterness of a lime.And so we must forget who we are to truly to understand who we are not. The creator of this universe wanted to know what he WAS. and so he created the universe as the stage and ultimately the human body as the vessel to play a role. Everything in our lives is a play we act in. We are not supposed to be miserable. You're supposed to enjoy life in the physical.

I remember stepping out one day to soothe a really low mood and I chose to get some dessert. A few bites in . something shifted in a split second. I felt like a child eating an ice cream for the first time. Before I knew it , I had spiraled into a high for the next 20 minutes feeling like I had woken up from a bad dream finally ... I was connecting to the bliss of being alive.

That is what AWAKENING can be like. Experiencing a bliss beyond the temporary joys that come and go.

Can we stay this way forever ? I don't think so .. unless you plan to go into a cave for all eternity..

You will go in and out of it. So few have had the perseverance to taste it.. but it doesn't mean you can't reach there. Still before you even get there you might hit rock bottom. You may go through the dark night of the soul . Your soul needs to push you to the edge so that you take notice...

You'll start with a burning desire to explore and know more.. and everything will be magical and still unbelievable at the same time You'll begin to see signs everywhere. But then suddenly you are hitting rock bottom again and you start to think you're crazy. It swings between the two states of wonder and despair and everything in between. Your physical body decides to join in and starts to protest at the junk you're feeding it. Before you know it , you're sick and you're learning to get in touch with your body finally. To treat it like the living organism that it is , a part of you not something that you just criticize and judge and blame. Your mind feels like it's falling apart some days and NOTHING feels real. Old relationships make no sense and you find yourself withdrawing.


Don't worry, you'll meet new people when you are ready. You're slowly realizing there is more to this persona you've created. It doesn't define you anymore. Money and status are just temporary like everything else.. So what really is constant ? And whats the bloody point ?

The point is that now you're in charge. The real you. The one that starts to discover what manifesting really is and how you've unconsciously created all these experiences either by the choices you made or because your soul wanted to experience it. Our souls are part of the divine that experiences everything and our ego- the brain is the processor of our experiences. It keeps us interested enough in this drama , to want more , yet dissatisfied enough to seek something deeper.

Crystal by arura

image : National Geographic

This deeper connection we seek is the waking up to this SELF is what AWAKENING is. But understanding that misery and joy and both sides of the same coin is what an awakened soul understands. That deeper thing we seek is our true nature, the meaning for this seemingly endless existence Ultimate bliss and knowledge. The process can be triggered by anything. And while it is anything but BLISSFULL as long as Ego is in charge , on the road to experience bliss , when spirit takes over. it becomes an adventure.

To end, I would like to say ...not all souls will choose to have an Awakening, and Source does not judge this.. This is not their time , this is not their choice. So it really isn't our place to question it. When you wake up, you will understand this. Nothing in the world is right or wrong.. It simply exists for our amusement, for our soul to choose, for better or worse, asleep or awake..

Blessed be..

If you feel called to delve into your souls journey, connect with me for an Akashic Reading .

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