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A Path Less Taken 

Head Vs Heart - The Devil + The Lovers

Crystal By Arura

This card came up yesterday, and while I don't delve into twin readings / talk about twin flames, this could apply to the polarities within you, any relationship or your soul mate / tf journey. This was one of those messages that wanted to come through.

The Devil and The Lovers. Perhaps the most feared and wanted card in the Tarot.

While pulling these cards – the energy was for what the masculine desired, (Left – Devil) and what the feminine desired (Right- Lovers.) You can look at it as the Ego and the Higher Self. The head and the Heart.

You can imagine I totally cracked up when these two came out. The perception is Men are driven sex, Women want emotion - typically.

The devil is all about relationships that are based around unhealthy sex (interaction), co-dependency, manipulation and greed / lust. It is a need for power, domination and comes from a place of fear.

If you see the two people in the image - they are separated by the Devil (I’m going to refer to it as the Ego). They are bound by the chains of their desire, insecurities etc to their Ego. They are not free to walk away, nor grow, nor explore life. The mood is dark, intense, and seems to be a dungeon.

The Lovers (Or Higher Self) are both free to do as they please. This freedom is a sign of trust. They are watched over by an angel. The mood is light, bright, and sunny. They are surrounded by nature. The perfect environment to flourish. There is a mountain, and they aren’t afraid of its challenges. They welcome growth.

Most earthly relationships center around Ego. Whether it is our work, our family or friends. It is all about what can I get from this. There is a need for approval. There is a need to control and be right. You look at your work to pay you, provide for your needs, with no heed to what service you can give. There is a balance lacking and there is very little trust.

The Lovers is a relationship based on mutual understanding, growth, and higher purpose.

It is a coming together of two opposite energies that know they must work together because they make the perfect team. They know both have something of service to offer each other. They trust that both are committed to growth and a favorable outcome for both. If one falls or stumbles, the other will wait, or offer a hand.

They respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses, rather than judge them. They have no room for mind games, power struggles or immaturity.

The Devil energy will always keep you in fear. It will make you stay by threatening to leave. The runner and the chaser. The lovers trust their intuition, and communicate wordlessly. The higher self knows there is a power greater that is ultimately in charge. Ego is foolish enough to think it can control it all.


The message here is if you are looking to find a blissful outcome- first integrate the masculine and feminine within you. When you reject the masculine, you are rejecting your own masculine side. You may be blocking your flow of abundance.

When you are rejecting the feminine, you are blocking your heart connection. You may be avoiding your emotions, and shutting down your intuition. Union is a solitary journey as much as it is a dual one.

The sexual attraction – or desire you have towards your twin, your ambition, is the fire, the passion that will keep you from walking away. It will force you to heal your broken, wounded, misguided aspects so that you may finally come into union with your desire. Which is acceptance, from the opposite.

So ask yourself today, are you functioning from ego as a victim, or perpetrator. Or are you connecting to your higher self and knowing that you are already connected to all that you desire. if is born within you. The truth is:

When you remember your dream… is when your dream will remember you.

Thank you for reading ! let me know your thoughts and what you would like to hear more about.

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Namaste , Stay Blessed !

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