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A Path Less Taken 

Addressing Low Self Esteem

Addressing Low Self Esteem

The only mountain we must conquer

Is the one we place before ourselves.



Your low self worth comes from a false belief that you're not good enough .

It's false because there is NO standard, no book anywhere that says we must be a certain way or have achieved anything at a certain time. That's all man made societal stuff. It's a guideline, but it isn't the last word.

Each one of us plays a role in the balance of life. When one of us is feeling low, it gives the other an opportunity to practice compassion and love and lift us.

And when someone else may not be feeling good, we have an opportunity to give strength because we've been there and survived.

After all, we are here to experience ALL EMOTIONS.


Practically speaking our low self worth comes either from our formative years , where we may not have received the appropriate love and care from those we trusted to nurture us.

Or Maybe you had a fabulous childhood but when you stepped out there into the world you felt a little less than special because suddenly everyone else seemed to be living more magical lives.

If it's your childhood, work on processing those feelings first. You're going to feel a lot of grief or anger towards people who caused you pain. If you've been suppressing that stuff, it's good to let it out because it will remain the template for your relationships in the future.

What you can do is ,

Reflect on how this experience impacted you positively . What did you learn / gain from it.

Write it down. Maybe it made you a more empathetic person towards others.

Maybe it taught you to be independent. There's always a silver lining , something your soul signed up to learn , or experience.


If you are feeling not good enough compared to your peers, then remember you really have no idea what is going on in their lives and if you're so focused on theirs , you're probably not fulfilled enough by your own.

What can you do to love your life more and live the life you want ?

Are you taking steps towards it ?

If not, then start today by asking yourself if there was NO JUDGEMENT , what would you truly want to experience ?

crystal by Arura

Finally. Here's a recap of what steps you can take to deal with low self worth at the core of it.

▪️If you had childhood issues , acknowledge your emotions towards those who disappointed you.

▪️Realize it is an experience, it doesn't define you.

▪️Focus on the good that came out of the experience.

If it's competitiveness that's getting to you:

▪️Celebrate your achievements however small or large

▪️Be grateful for what you do have

▪️If your life isn't fulfilling enough, set goals and work towards them.

And last but not least , surround yourself with those who appreciate and love you.

We're not here to have every experience in one go. Give yourself time.

That's what rebirth is for. Wether you believe in it or not, I've done soul enough readings to know past lives exist.

Many times we are carrying over karma from our past or ancestral toxicity.

You have a chance to break that chain, and set an example for others. Use your so called weaknesses to motivate you to live a life you are at peace with.

We are free to start over anytime we wish. Some of the most celebrated people have discovered their calling in their latter half of their life. Age is a number, a concept.

You are free to feel as young as you want , and re invent when you want.


Stones that promote self love -

Rose Quartz - Self care + compassion towards self.

Rhodonite (Releasing the past )

Tiger Eye - Confidence

Citrine - Positivity

Pyrite - Self Worth , Assertiveness , Retrieving lost parts of yourself

Labradorite - to access your inner power and gain courage

Check then out on our website :

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