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A Path Less Taken 

New Moon in Libra - 28 Sept

Crystal by Arura


I rise, You fall

You come, I go

You cry , I laugh

Are we walking the same road ?

Run we may,

but the Moon will pull us together

Until we turn toward each other

And find we are whole.


Blessed New Moon in Libra - The sign represented by the scales. Libra is the sign of balance, sensuality and relationships.

Ruled by Venus, this sign seeks harmony and beauty.

Expect this New Moon to be about Balance, Partnerships, and Beautifying.

Use this phase of the moon to set intention around the NEW you wish to bring into your relationships, your mental processes ( since they are an air sign ) and beautifying your surroundings or yourself.

Since its all about balance, ask yourself these questions :

Is my focus too much on logic or daydreaming ?

Am I too much of an introvert, or am I afraid to be alone ?

Am i pretending to be all good, can i embrace my shadow ?

Do I pamper myself enough , or do I not value myself to care for my space ?


Meditate with Moonstone , Ametrine , Citrine or Bloodstone. These stones will bring insight into balance.

When you have answered these questions honestly , set an intention to bring BALANCE .

Light a candle and write down your intentions.

Stay thanks for all that already is, and all that will be.

Focus on working on these areas until the Next phase of the moon begins , and keep a journal so you can track our progress.

Go out and celebrate ! It's time to welcome in the new...

All stones are available in the store : HERE

Blessed Be.



If you wish to use the text , please use by sharing link / credit.

The same applies to the artwork / photography

All Photography / Art Copyright: Aarti Kalro

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