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A Path Less Taken 

Full Moon in Pisces - September

Unless you dive deep and explore the dark,

the ocean will never reveal it's mysteries.

Crystal by arura

As the truth is , we have been afraid of the water and the depth and the emotions hidden below in the dark. For years we were pushing them down the way we were taught,

until a time came when there was no more you could push, and you realized that the abyss wasn't a bottomless pit, and everything that goes down must come up eventually .

And so one day with the force of a tsunami, every fear you ever had, the hurts that you hid, and the lies that you told yourself came up gasping for air ,and you were left drowning in them.

Shaken and stirred , lost and confused. Your ship crashed and began to fall apart.

All once aboard, abandoned you and watched from afar. Some swam far and fast, some wanted to help, but you could only feel loss after loss.

How the fire kept raging... you burned , until you allowed the water to wash it away.

Day after day, night after night... never ending it seemed until the the sun came out one day... and the waterfall of emotions dried up.

You stayed afloat until you reached the shore. A place you had seen sometimes in your dreams but never believed it was real.

Most of those you knew were not there anymore , but you thought you heard the voices of a few loved ones and a few new sounds.

You made it alive through the dark night of your soul. The sky wasn't black anymore, and the night no longer scared you. You see the stars and the moon , she waits for you in the sky and lights the path ahead of you. She is full and waiting with magic and mystery. You stayed the course, and so you found hope in the arms of tomorrow.

What is there ahead ? you asked the silence...

To which the Universe replied...

Arura Crystals

You're MOVING.

You've landed on new shores and your headed to new places. leave the old baggage behind and take only

hope, love and your strengths. Challenges may always be there, yet this tie you're equipped to deal with them. They don't scare you . 2 is about action , partnership , movement. coming together with your tribe , your soulmates. acting on your purpose and letting destiny unfold.. One is a card of giving birth, but 2 is about taking the steps to implement it.

Which is why you need to Quit being INVISIBLE , or how else will the universe know where to deliver all that HEALING + ABUNDANCE !!!!

Your presence is important to the world. Your words, thoughts, ideas. Don't hide it and don't be shy. Definitely please don't be afraid of failure. In 5d there is no such thing as failure. There are only a variety of experiences to be had. There is no judgement on you. Nor are you judging others. You are comfortable in your skin and you are comfortable being who you are.

A number 7 card, seven is the number of spirituality , service and sharing. The number 7 is a number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing. You're being asked to share this knowing with people. Don't think that you don't know enough or you wil be rejected. It is not about going around preaching it, but it could simply be, unafraid to live by those values or sharing that knowledge when someone comes to you for advice rather than falling into the old way of encouraging separation.

The more you show up , the more HEALING + ABUNDANCE will come to you. The cosmos wants you to know that you have arrived. Stop trying to be something , but act from inner knowing. All that you need surrounds you if only you LET GO this full moon. 4 is stability , safety , security. The foundation is being set for you. Four is said to be the coming together of the material and the physical world. 3 (mind, body , spirit with 1 - root , the material , the lower world. ) CHANGE is inevitable. Wether you go out kicking and screaming, or graciously step into your new role...


A new adventure awaits.

Have a blessed full moon everybody.

Check out the releasing ritual HERE

Feel free to simplify it, or go all out. It's extremely powerful ! I felt major shifts when I did it on the Eclipse.

Some crystals to work with are

Citrine for Manifesting / Personal Power

Lapis / Aquamarine for Third Eye Activation

Amethyst to connect with your Higher Self

Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love

Visit the store here to get some.

Blessed Be




Arura Crystal

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