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A Path Less Taken 

The Chakras- Sacral Chakra

What good is life if we don't stop to smell the roses?

Artwork : Aarti Kalro 2018

The Chakras- Sacral Chakra

The Chakras- Sacral Chakrac

Location: Three fingers below belly button

Colour: Orange , Peach

Sanskrit Name:

Sound: Vam

Planet: Moon

One of the greatest gifts we have in this life, is the ability to create, feel and express and enjoy. These are the functions the sacral chakra is associated with. With the energies of water, the sacral chakra allows us to go with the flow.

Creation is not limited to artists only. It is a ability we all have that we are largely unaware of. We are all artists and creators ... The architects of our lives. The sacral chakra is also known as the pleasure center. Here is where our desires to enjoy life take birth..

When the root chakra is stable and we feel safe, we can then go ahead and feel secure to create and take a chance with the energies of the Sacral Chakra. A stable chakra allows energy to flow like water. it gives us the trait of flexibility that is essential for us to move on, and take the opportunities that life brings us. It allows us to enjoy life, partake in its pleasures and express ourselves.

When it is blocked we experience an excess of emotion, or a lack thereof. An excessive need or a shying away from sex, and a lack of creativity.

Some questions to ask yourself to determine if your root chakra needs healing.

Am I open to change ?

Am I addicted to pleasure?

Am I comfortable with my emotions ?

Do I have a tendency to suppress my emotions ?

Addictions arise from an imbalanced Sacral Chakra.

Lets look at the functions of the Chakra in detail.

1. Emotions

2. Sexuality

3. Creativity

4. Fertility

Issues connected with the root chakra:


Emotions are Energy in motion. When our emotions are not properly expressed, felt and released, they get stuck in various parts of the body. This energy left there too long leads to dis- ease .

Our emotions are what make us human. Emotions are points of reference. They allow us to relate. We are in relationship to everything around us. No man is an island. At the core we are pure love - a concept that may take time to understand, and experience, but that's the truth. To understand all that love is, we also need to experience all that love is not.

And so we have the entire range of emotions.

Our childhoods define how we deal with emotions. If we learn to repress them, or over indulge in them, imbalances and extremes are created.. and so with the help of energetic tools like crystals, meditation and traditional tools like talk therapy and journal-ling we learn to express and deal with our emotions. Addictions are formed when we are looking to avoid dealing with pain , reality or thing we do not want to accept. The substance/ emotion / behaviour is repeated again and again as it stimulates pleasure and avoids pain.


From the singular focus of the SELF based in the root chakra, we move to duality and togetherness in the sacral chakra. We learn to relate and co exist with others. We connect to our own sexuality and needs and learn to honor our selves. Sex has the ability to open the chakras and push there energy higher. it stimulates prana, and moves it upwards along the spine. When we indulge in sex, we are creating energetic cords with our partner that are strong and are like channels to exchange energy. This is why sometimes after a relationship is over, it has hard to let go- because we still have energetic cords binding us together. The more partners you have, the more our energy is scattered and contaminated. Suppressing your sexuality isn't healthy. it blocks the flow of energy , and may make us colder and unemotional. Though most cultures consider sex as something that should be hidden, and our bodies as objects we need to cover up- it is actually more natural than the violence we are subject to on a daily basis, that is glorified in movies and entertainment. Pornography does the same.

It desensitizes us , making us need more visual stimulation and closes us to human interaction and touch. We are less willing to work things out and adjust to each other, because it is so easy to be by ourselves.


We are creative creatures by birth. we have been taught to be vicitms of fate , or the stars or other peoples whims and fancies. In truth we create our lives through our choices. Thus artist or not, it is essential to develop our creative side. Unlike what society tells us, that we shouldn't 'waste" time on things we aren't good at, it is essential to allow yourself to create for the sake of play. Creativity allows us to express and discover ourselves. It is a great outlet to release stuck emotions. We are just meant to create children, but are free to create because we can. Relaxation allow us to feel safe and take risks. It is only by trying new things, can we grow.


The sacral chakra is primarily yin or female energy. It is associated with the reproductive organs for the female, and some schools associate the root chakra for men. When trying to conceive, check that there are no imbalances / blocks in this area. This chakra when blocked creates issues on both the physical and emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions to see if there are hidden issues.

A blocked chakra may prevent us from conceiving as we may not be ready to bring a child into this world. We may unconsciously be afraid for its survival, or not ready to face the massive change it's birth may entail.



Common crystals used to balance / enhance the sacral Chakra are:


Chrysocolla - to release emotions

Orange Calcite

Peach Moonstone

Peach Stilbite



vitality + creativity

Known as the Artists stone. This is one of my favourite stones when I need the motivation to get out of bed and just do it. Its warm orange energy has the right amount of fire in it to stimulate your imagination, and give you that boost of energy. Combine it with Tiger Eye for laser sharp focus and complete your project in record time. It clears any blocks you may have towards enjoying life. It helps to life depression and give you a positive outlook.

change + acceptance

change + acceptance

Beautiful patterned chrysocolla with its water energies helps to release pent up emotions that might be creating blockages. Combine it with Peach Calcite to imbue the chakra with a softer loving orange energy.

peach moonstone

Peach Stilbite is a supportive stone and will help you find emotional balance and peace of mind. It is a softer tone of orange, thus giving it a soft energy, similar to rose quartz. When used in meditation Stilbite with help enhance your intuition and help you sleep soundly. It clears your aura of negativity, and raises your vibration.

peach moonstone

This crystal is associated with both the Sacral and Heart Chakra. Moonstone has always been a stone of fertility, and the peach variety brings a softer loving energy to the act of creating / birthing. It is the fiery orange mixed with white light. it has a feminine energy and a strong water and moon element. It helps you express and accept your sexuality.

orange Calcite is a stone that imparts its energy in a soothing way. Unlike the buzzing vitality of Carnelian, even it appearance it is soft and waxy. It both cleanses, clears and invigorates the system. It helps you approach problems from a new perspective. Use this stone to increase your confidence, and add playfulness to your life.

other methods

Exercising the hip area is beneficial to the sacral chakra. The goddess pose in yoga is extremely beneficial.

Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system as water is a powerful tool for healing and keeping the energy moving.

Journalling or talk therapy will help to deal with your emotions.

Spend time by a water body or go for a swim.

A easy way to heal yourself with water is to bless the water your drink or to visualize pure healing water wash away painful emotions when you shower. This doesn't mean that we are not dealing with the emotions, but we are releasing them after acknowledging them.

Resisting anything in life only makes it stronger. Allow it to flow , give it time, and it gets easier day by day. What we need to remember above all, is that we are here to enjoy life. All aspects of it !

Affirmation : I enjoy all that life has to offer . I am at ease with my self.

You can also place any of the above crystals on your sacral chakra and listen to this meditation.

Many Blessings,

May you find your joy on the path...

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