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A Path Less Taken 

Root chakra Part 2

Crystal by Arura

In our previous post we talked about the root chakra and it's function. If you have not read it, please read it HERE

Here we talk about ways to balance it with stones and aromatherapy.

Here's a look at what a balanced and unbalanced chakra look like:


  • It gives us a feeling of belonging, of being grounded.

  • One is energetic and enthusiastic about life and the daily tasks

  • Trust in life and others.

  • Comfortable in our body


  • One tends to have too materialistic an outlook on life

  • Constantly worrying about security

  • Nervousness / anxiety

  • Feeling of being spaced out / disoriented

  • Feeling lost

  • Disinterest in day to day life

healing the root chakra

With crystals

There are a number of ways to use crystals - by placing them on the body (over the chakra)

Carrying them on your person

Charging your water with them (externally)

Meditating with them

Wearing jewellery

Use the one you feel most called to. Feel free to try all the different ways.

Whichever you may choose, please spend time connecting with your crystal friend, so it may work alongside with you. Everyone likes to be shown some love !

The colours associated with the root chakra are primarily warm reds and browns.

It also works with greys and blacks.

This makes stones like Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz , Hematite and Black Tourmaline ideal.


calming + brings focus

Commonly used for maintaining blood pressure levels due to it's iron content - associated with the chemistry of blood, its grounding and calming properties are apt for someone who has a tendency to get scattered, distracted and lost (for someone who is all over the place).

It's reflective properties ward of unwanted energies and make it a protective stone. It is helpful where you are seeking to make changes to your life.

Combine it with rose quartz to ease irrational fears.

red Jasper

grounding + vitality

red Jasper

Red Jasper has the energy of fire and will light your passions and fill you with vitality. It's great for those who are afraid of taking chances , or feel low on energy.

Jasper is an extremely nurturing stone and works well for those who are recovering from illness.

The gemstone is well-suited for maintaining focus.

When feeling low, this stone is great for keeping you motivated and in boosting creativity. In addition, it is also good for protection. It helps to heal issues relating to sexual trauma, or to fire up your passion ..

Another Jasper that is useful in grounding is Dalmatian Jasper . It helps in cultivating principles, such as loyalty, providing a good base for life. It brings balance to perspective and helps you see both sides of life.

It also balances the yin and yang, and provides energy helping balance the active and passive sides.

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smoky quartz

protection + cleansing

  smoky quartz

Our existence is a blessing, through which we get to experience and learn,grow and create, and eventually prosper. But, for this “way of life” to manifest,grounding and protecting at the root-level is very crucial. That’s where Smoky Quartz comes in – it protects and grounds our physical and spiritual life forces. One of the most grounding stones , this beautiful variation of quartz comes in shades of brown, reminiscent of earth. It varies from smoky grey browns to dark almost black tones - known as Morion Quartz. Smoky quartz has all the properties of Quartz with the addition properties of warm brown tones which make it protective , soothing and helpful for those who feel earth is not their home.

This is one of my favourite stones , and I always have it on me since I tend to be more focused on my upper chakras.

Use smoky to clear environmental pollution caused by electronics, or when you cannot go out and spend time in nature.

Smoky brings mother earths loving energies inside . These crystals are extremely happy to hang out with plants.. . It brings balance to perspective and helps you see both sides of life.

It also balances the yin and yang,

It is much more than just a coping mechanism crystal, in that it does not just surface negative energies and blockages, but eradicates them, thereby paving the way for positive energies and thoughts. With Smoky Quartz, create the change you want and see your dreams fall in place.

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black tourmaline


black tourmaline

The colour Black absorbs everything dissolving it into nothingness. And so black tourmaline

protects and grounds our mental life forces, stopping you from falling prey to frequent diversions and distractions, such as scattered thoughts and actions. In addition to grounding, it is also a deflector of negative forces.

This beautiful stone that has long grooves along its faces, will help you to “Think positive, think good and do good”. In this tech-savvy and heavy internet-reliant age, black tourmaline is actually an underdog that one should have on their side.

Here’s why – with technological innovations turning us into phone addicts and phone-a-holics, we are unknowingly and constantly victimized by harmful energies and electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from electronic gadgets –cellphones, computers, tv remotes, and cable boxes. Tourmaline coupled with fluorite makes for an excellent absorber of electronic radiation. Keep it on your desk or wear a bracelet.

Wash it frequently as needed.

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Healing with With Aromatherapy


GROUNDING + stimulating

Patchouli contains a sedative scent stimulates the release of pleasure hormones, namely serotonin, and dopamine, thereby improving negative moods and enhancing the feeling of relaxation. It is believed to work as an aphrodisiac by stimulating sensual energy and boosting the libido. When diffused at night, Patchouli Essential Oil can encourage restful sleep, which can, in turn, improve mood, cognitive function, and metabolism.moky brings mother earths loving energies inside . These crystals are extremely happy to hang out with plants.. . It brings balance to perspective and helps you see both sides of life. It also balances the yin and yang,

( info from )

To read an indepth article about Patchouli and its benefits and uses click HERE


calming + balance

It is believed that this scent – known for its fresh, warm yet cooling, woody, earthy, and balsamic notes – can encourage feelings of confidence, stillness, and tranquility. Its sedative properties have made it ideal for use in relieving nervousness and restoring a sense of serenity, and it is reputed to effectively diminish feelings of anger, irritability, panic and restlessness. The strengthening properties of Vetiver Oil have made it an ideal tonic that eases problems of the mind to promote restful sleep and stimulate or enhance libido. By balancing emotions to promote positive moods, it also boosts immunity. Its scent can freshen a room while deodorizing any lingering stale odors, such as those that remain after cooking or smoking.

Read more HERE

( info from )

Essential oils can be combined with crystals or used in other ways . To know more, find a good practitioner who can help you, or general information is always on the internet.


Here's a sound meditation for the root chakra. You can place any of these crystals on the root chakra, lay down, close your eyes, and breathe.

This concludes our article on the Root Chakra - our energy center for survival issues.

To put it briefly , this is where we start our healing. Our connection to earth, our sense of safety is essential to having a good peaceful life. We cannot control other people and their emotions but when we feel safe, we do not feel threatened, and we do not feel the need to argue , in an argument.

We feel safe materially, trusting the universe, - we can do our work with a sense of service and purpose, knowing there is enough. We let go the need for competition.

Spend time connecting with nature and being grateful on all you have rather than what you do not. We have more than we need. Everything else is a desire. You are safe, you are ok.

All is well .

Please note that crystals are NOT a substitution for regular medication. They are a supportive tool.

Nutrition, Exercise, Emotional Well being together are all important and essential to stay well.

Please do not stop any medication without discussing it with your physician.

Stay well, Stay peaceful.


Written with inputs from Shantanu Mehta

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