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A Path Less Taken 

The Root Chakra

The first in our Root Chakra Series posts that help you understand the energy system of the body ( based on Indian texts ) Each chakra - we will be covering the seven basic chakras, will be divided into two posts. Understanding the chakra , and how to heal it. There is so much information out there, but this is what I felt would be good to start with. May it inspire you to get to know yourself better and understand your challenges, so you may heal them ! Feel free to reach out and ask questions !

Visit our page on the Chakras here for a brief intro.


It is in the darkness of the earth below, that all the strongest trees first grow down, and withstand any storm. A tree with no roots, is a like a boat without an will simply be at the whims and fancies of the slightest storm.

Cystal By Arura


the Root Chakra

the Root Chakra

Location: Base of the Spine

Colour: Red ( Primarily ) Brown , Black

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Sound: Lam

Guna :Tamas

Organs / Parts associated : Adrenal Glands , Bones, Teeth, Large Intestine , Blood

image courtesy :Pinterest

Located at the base of spine, at the coccyx, the root chakra connects us with Mother Earth and the five elements : Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. It is the building block for the other 6 Chakras. it is known as the Root Chakra, for like every phenomenon, the human system too begins with a foundation. A foundation is essential for our well being and growth. To grow upwards, we must reach out below, and take a firm hold in this material world.

The primary colour is red, but it also emits vibrations of black, brown and silvery grey.

The functions of this chakra revolve around the basic needs of food, water and shelter. Basically our Survival.

Our childhood determines the health of our root chakra. The building blocks of our existence are the experiences during our fragile years (the first ten years) that set our actions and reactions going forward . It is a great place to understand our personality and explore our belief system.

Some questions to ask yourself to determine in your root chakra needs healing.

Do I feel life is a struggle ?

Do I struggle with anxiety ?

Do I think too much about material objects and possessing them ?

Do I feel I don't belong here, and long to go home ? ( a feeling that earth is not your home)

Do I want to do things but lack motivation ?

Am I depressed ( on a deeper level ) ?

These are some of the questions to which if you have answered yes, indicate imbalances in the root chakra. These can be healed, but lets first understand the functions / needs associated with the root chakra.

Lets look at the functions of the Chakra in detail.

1. Protection

2. Vital Energy

3. Grounding


The human body has mental, physical, emotional and spiritual existences – and all these need a strong foundation. Analogous to Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs, the root chakra is related to the basic physical needs. Only once a strong foundation is laid, one can focus on developing the other chakras. Coming back to the tree analogy - A tree with strong roots can survive a storm, but a tree with weak roots will topple over easily...

The root chakra provides us with a strong sense of safety and protection. To understand the phenomenon better, during times of extreme stress such as a loss of a loved one, or an accident it is natural for the root chakra to get imbalanced, causing one to feel endangered and distressed. This is activated by the emotion of fear and insecurity. A balanced chakra helps us stay calm and allows us to express our self safely.


Your energy levels determine whether you are a go-getter or lazy and procrastinator. The difference between these energy levels depends on the amount of rest we take and nutrition we consume.

The vital energy that is stored in the root chakra is a motivator and facilitator, without which, getting things done can be a struggle. A weak root chakra and overactive crown may leave us feeling spaced out, with a lack of interest in day to day activities. Laziness , lethargy and depression are connected to the root chakra. An overactive chakra on the other hand leads to hyperactivity and restlessness.


Grounding is what keeps us connected to Earth, the material plane and helps us manifest our ideas that come from the crown chakra downwards. It is essential to have a relationship with Earth, this place we call our home during this existence.

Lack of grounding makes us feel "spaced out" unable to deal with the day to day , and in worst cases, leaves us feeling we want to leave our bodies.

Our emotional roots nourish us, give us a sense of stability and keep us firm. Our limitations give us direction, or we would be at a loss due to our excessive choices.

When we are ungrounded we feel lost, out of control and afraid. Excessive rooted-ness in this chakra makes us overly materialistic with no room for growth or experiencing the freedom of the higher chakras.

Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature

Todays culture has us either chasing overly material goals, or has placed too much emphasis on intelligence. We are forever chasing more and more , multiple experiences and It leaves us very little time for rest and relaxation or to get in touch with ourselves and discover our own healing potential.

The best place to start would be our roots. To connect with them and strengthen them.

There are a number of ways to heal the root chakra.

Some of these are 1. Exercise - Yoga , 2. Diet. 3. Crystals 4. Aromatherapy.

In the next article, we will focus on Crystals and Aromatherapy and Daily lifestyle as tools of healing. , and a look at the emotions that come with an unbalanced root chakra.

The crystals we will explore:

Jasper , Hematite , Smoky Quartz and Tourmaline (Black )

Until then, spend some time connecting with Earth, and affirming - " I am safe "



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