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A Path Less Taken 

To Act or to Observe.

Continuing on yesterday's post 


... When we move ahead in the journey, we are introduced to the concept of the world being an Illusion. This is a very disturbing thought the first time we hear it. We wonder why am I doing what I do if the world is an illusion. 

Should I just not bother.. 

But as Shakespeare says so famously in as you like it.. 

All the world's a stage 

And men and women merely players playing their part ( not the exact quote ) 

We are but actors on this stage, and an actor doesn't give up acting because he is a movie.. 

He continues to play his part. 

You have come here to play your part, blessed with certain gifts.. the beauty of this act is you get to choose what happens between the main scenes.. you get to enjoy, you get to make choices. 

Certain roles and scenes  the director has chosen for you.. but the rest you can decide, and play your way. It is preferable to choose the way of love and the good stuff, but there is no need to cry over "wrong" choices. Because ultimately it will be fine. We do have to bear consequences of our choices , good and bad.. which is what karma is. The fruit of our actions. 

But to not act would lead to stagnantion.. 

And it is unfortunate that a lot for people use spirituality as a means of escapism. 

To not take responsibility for their actions, to become judgemental..  to avoid earthly duties.. 

We are no longer required to run away from the house holders life.. nor are we compelled to become one.. but to use the spiritual path as an escape is the work of the ego. 

So it is advised that we watch our intentions.. behind our actions.. but take actions we must. 

Arura crystals


Work with a combination of  crystals like Lapis, Amethyst and any heart chakra stone to make awakened desicions.. 

Have a blessed day !! 

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