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Am I too Spiritual...?

Every now and then you go through a crisis, a loss of faith, you question ... you wonder...

I have many times stopped to question my journey. It is human , and recently I wondered whether I had replaced the rat race with a different kind of race... a spiritual one.

Because it is so easy to do that right ? Always a new spiritual goal... to open a new chakra , to have an out of body experience , to learn to see the angels...

There is always a chase.

But at some point your slow down when you realize perhaps you are missing the point.

Which is to learn


still , at peace , no judgemental , to not put labels, to not keep trying to judge your progress.


things to unfold, emotions flow, let life reveal itself.


This doesn't mean we must sit back and blame the stars, or point fingers. We are each born with some gift, it may be to take care of others, it may be to repair a shoe - it is where we feel at ease, and it comes most naturally . The fisherman needs the waves, the trees need the soil, we need sadness as much as we need happiness. Neither is good or bad. They just are .


Enjoy all that life has to offer, everything will come in its own time. Be conciousous, but not obsessively so that you just start judging everyone. That's your ego at work...Telling you you're spiritually better...

Above all ,


for ultimately , isn't that what we seek ?

Stones to work with:

Amethyst for understanding

Howlite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz for Acceptance

Ruby, Aquamarine for Passion and Joy

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