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A Path Less Taken 



The Hindus believe, that spirituality starts with the awakening of the Third Eye. It is essential to attaining enlightenment, without which it is impossible. The third eye is the seat of all consciousness.

The third eye is magical, it helps us access past life memories, look into the future, and connect with a knowing, what is also called intuition. It is part of the higher chakras, residing directly below the crown. It is also responsible for that gut feeling, the knowing that some people seem to have. Those that seem to have their finger on the pulse.

To rely on Logic is never enough. The third eye chakra co-relates to our ability to understand our life, to see things from a higher perspective, to develop our inner understanding, and most importantly, it is the birthplace of our Imagination.

What is life without imagination? It is through the process of imagining that our dreams are born and come to life.

It is located, between the eyebrows.. and is the 2nd chakra,below the crown,

Represented by the colour Indigo , and known as the Ajna chakra.

arura crystal

Here is a brief summary of the third eye:

Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and see the big picture.


  • An ability to access universal knowledge

  • Understanding that you are the creator of your experiences

  • A strong imagination and Intuition

  • Experiencing higher states of consciousness

  • A connection with your Higher Guides

  • Good Memory


  • Headaches

  • Overthinking and over-intellectual tendencies

  • Mental illness like schizophrenia

  • No intuition, no insight, over-judgemental thoughts

  • An inability to understand the spiritual side of life

  • A disconnect between your inner and outer world

But what is intuition ? Wikipedia defines it as the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.

While in the past psychic ability was considered hocus phocus, intuition is now being valued, and according to a Forbes article, even considered a sign of intelligence…

Intuition can go a long way – rather than get stuck on the spiritual benefits of a third eye opening, this gift can take one a long way in day to day life, and help make better informed choices. .

Intuition can apply in the present, or it can be a knowing of things to come.

In the present, you know your intuition is at work when you are sure that a certain person is going to walk through the door. Or you have a strong desire to make a certain choice against all reasoning because you know it will be the right choice.

In the long term- one has a sense of say a trend. Those that are fashion forward, but on a spiritual level – it is just a knowing…like I had as a child, that someday I would lose my mother at an early age. I could not explain this to anyone, but looking back – I understand…that I have always had a strongly developed intuition, third eye.

In the continuation of this post – the next part , we will talk about a few things.

How to develop your intuition using crystals.

Using your intuition in daily life for practical purposes.

What to expect when your third eye is open.

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