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A Path Less Taken 

Challenges and Growth.

Why do I write? It used to be cartharatic, and so I wrote.. but lately I know that it is a calling to share the knowledge so that others may benefit. From childhood I've had one desire, one joy.. helping others.. and I've realized that every challenge that has happened in life has been a preperation, for lessons to share knowledge. I believe the only way to fine tune your craft is via experience, and a 'healer' a shaman has to learn to heal, he has to learn to walk the dark path in the forest..if he had to understand what he is teaching. And so my life has been nothing but lessons in learning the art of healing first hand. Of walking the path. By no means have I finished learning or walking.. because that would mean I have arrived at my desired destination, being one with the creator.. But this life has come with a purpose and so it must be fulfilled.. 

Some of us have reached a stage in the souls journey where we are curious about what life is about , or we are midway into the path. Either way, there is a lot of meandering on the path until we ate steady in our practice. And that can take years. So one should get discouraged, neither should one get so serious that we become bores and miserable in a new kind of trap called spirituality. I see people get stuck in it all the time.. caught up in another identity, a game of ego.. still trying to gratify itself by identifying with 'now I am spiritual and I'm better than you'll. Really spirit may never read a religious book, but lives with love either way in simplicity without need for recognition.


Joy is a faster road to Nirvana than judgement is. Judging others in their progress or lack of it is only trying to make yourself feel better.. everyone is in a different grade of school. What do we know where their soul stands.. let's focus on ourselves and try to be our best.. Let us disover our own paths and be our best version, loving all parts of ourselves..only then we can learn to love and accept each other.. ❤️ 

Some Crystals that best help us on our journey are Sodalite for understanding our purpose. 

Amethyst for knowledge

Selenite for one Ness

And lapis for clarity 


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