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A Path Less Taken 

An abyss called love

arura crystal

You got to flow, you got to trust . You have to go with your gut. Trust your intuition, it knows the truth. Only love is real Fear is a fool. . Life keeps teaching me to expand my definition of love. To stop pigeon-holing it I'm still single at 38 but I've experienced such intense love multiple times.. each time so different And everytime I think I've lost it.. it comes back in another form. It shows me it's always within. It reminds me to seek it everywhere In all its forms In all its expressions. It keeps telling me I need to empty myself.. so I can refill it.. I have to let it go So it can flow Not stagnate So it can travel the world Seek those who need it For I am an ever flowing chalice. The holiest of Grails The bottomless cup that never ends The deep mysterious abyss .


Love has been the focus of my life . it usually is the focus of our lives as we grow up and are taught that we need to find a love that will last, bring us security, make us feel special. unknown to us - we start to base our self worth on this.For every love that fails, we feel like personal failures. we wonder whats wrong with us if we aren't with someone. We see "happy couples" and wonder when we will have that. But there is one thing I have learned in this life - is that love is not about security. Not the kind of love that society teaches you about . Love is something else all together.. and the more I learn,the more I feel compelled to share. That love is not of any one kind - nor is it something others can validate us with. Love truly has no judgement, or shelf life , or timeline... love is like the air, we breath it, but take it for granted.. love is always there. love is what we are made of.

arura crystal

Love you all . 💖 .

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