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A Path Less Taken 

Reading the signs

Arura crystal

The universe is always talking to us. When we choose to walk on the path, or any path.. It gives re assurance every time we seek it. It doesn't speak in any secret language… It simply speaks in the language that we understand best. All you have to do is ASK , and then be prepared to receive an answer.

It is true that meditation is listening to the universe… but for those of us, who find meditation scary, or we aren’t proficient or regular in our practice , the universe converses through nature, people, and that which is around us. It’s always open to dialogue !

These are what we call signs. Signs are the conversation we have with the universe. Sometimes these signs come through in the form of repeating numbers, a song , a headline in the paper or you ask a question , and suddenly the man on the radio is talking about just the topic you needed help with.

We spend a lot of time trying to solve everything ourselves, but the help is out there, and we must be open to receiving answers in all their forms. The important part is to let go of the fear , and trust that we will be shown the way.

Below are some of the forms that signs come in..

Repeating Numbers

Nature – Animals, Feathers , Clouds

Other people



Repeating Numbers

Arura crystal

I started my spiritual journey at an early age with the declaration to find nirvana in this life. I was about 14… but it wasn’t till the age of 35 when my father passed, that I really started searching for answers and working with crystals. It was also then that, I saw angels for the first time and had psychic experiences. I also started seeing the number 11.11 all the time .

11 11 as number meanings go– denotes the start of a spiritual journey. It asks one to be aware of their thoughts which are manifesting at a rapid rate.

As the days went by , I started seeing different number sequences

99 , 999 – A call to work for the betterment of humanity ( a desire I had always felt )

333 – A sign you are surrounded by higher energies to guide you.

In those days, I needed these signs. They were not only fascinating, but were also very exciting to discover, and kept me on the path when I faltered. The numbers have changed now – 3 yrs on. I will constantly see 1001 or 1010 . – both entailing being on a spiritual journey , keeping the faith and positivity.

Arura crystal

I found this poster on the street one night..

The other number I keep seeing often is 911 – A sign that great change is here due to the hard work put in… encouragement to stay the path.


Feathers, Butterflies , Clouds – other signs from nature.


You don’t have to see angels to experience them. They are around you regardless. Each of us has a guardian angel, and then some guides that help us along the way through the course of our life.

There are angels for love, money, career , you name it. Well I have my very own taxi angel, and I have a friend who has a parking angel ! Just call upon them when you need something.

There will be times when we forget to call upon them, or we are not in the habit of it – that’s when they will make their presence known through little white feathers.

You may find them in a closed room , they may fall on you, or perhaps when you look down, or out the window as I often do, I see one floating across in the breeze.

I’ve had feathers turn up in closed rooms – like the one below , and I always find them around my crystals, blessing them as they go to new homes.

Arura crystal

Feathers can be soft and fluffy, or fine and delicate..

Feathers may also show up in different colours – Back feathers are not bad as I discovered recently. They signify that the angels are bearing some of your pain for you.. So have heart, you are never alone !

Butterflies , Dragonflies

The Native Americans believed each person had a spirit animal or two. Each animal represented certain qualities, and the butterfly was the ultimate representation of change, joy and growth.

The butterfly has been my sign all my life I have always loved them, and I see them on an almost daily basis. Especially when I am doing inner transformational work ( which is a daily practice ) – I will know I have mastered a lesson, or healed some part of me , because when I look up – I will see a beautiful butterfly flying across the window..

DRAGONFLIES – To me these gossamer winged flying fairies signify the spirit of a loved one who has crossed over. In the last 3 yrs as I lost a few loved ones – every time I thought of them, or I would be grieving, Id find a dragonfly would appear from nowhere. I wasn’t particularly in a park or garden – I could be crossing the road… but they were always present. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, the light reflecting off their glassy wings, filling my heart with a lightness of spirit, lifting the heaviness. And that is what dragonflies signify- a lightness of spirit. Just the universe sending me a sign I need to ease the heavy heart. All is well.


Remember how as a child you loved to look for shapes in the sky.. Well don't stop . The place to look for a sign from heaven is up in the heavens itself. Looking for shapes in the clouds is a pastime not just for children, but loved by people of all ages. But can you imagine looking up and seeing a perfectly formed AUM ? Or a magnificent white dragon, straight from Lord of the Rings ? it isn’t your imagination.. hearts, stairs to heaven , dragons and AUM’s. Take a look at some of the clouds I have captured , and then go look out for your own ! You never know what is waiting for you..

Arura crystal

Dragons in the sky


Arura crystal

The perfect - Om

Arura crystal

Stairway to heaven


Coincidences, Meeting the Right People

A few weeks ago, I felt that my growth in work was being held back by old patterns. Matters I needed to let go – I wasn’t able to express myself . I wanted to do something about this, but wasn’t sure.

Scrolling through Instagram, exploring hashtags, I came across an account. I was slightly intrigued by this lady. She was Indian like me – though in another part of the world. She was like me in the healing profession. I headed over to her blog and I was surprised or not , to see she was offering a course on healing exactly the issues I was facing. Sign number 1.

Sign number 2- I was working around issues with my late mother. Believe this or not, they shared the same last name.

So I connected with Sweta, and we set up a complimentary call to talk about whether we could work together. During the call, I the midst of a short meditation I felt I was being given a golden apple as a gift. When I told Sweta about it – she shared with me, that just a day before she had painted an image , in which the lady was wearing apple earrings. – Sign number 3 .

Needless to say, I have gone ahead to work with her , and it's turned out to be such an amazing experience.


Asking for a specific sign

When sometimes you’re not ready to believe what you see, and you want to test the universe a little.. at a time like that- you can ask for a specific sign. For example you can ask to see three rainbows. The universe will give you 3 rainbows if it wants to guide you in that direction… just be ready to see them in non traditional form. Perhaps as a drawing, a sticker , or a reflection in a puddle , the rainbow will present itself , in a form that it chooses.

There are some universal interpretations to signs, as spoken about - but there are times when you may have to use your own judgement, and go with the feeling in your gut. It’s easy to try and interpret the signs in the way that we want it – A relationship may not be right for us, but our ego will want to hold on and interpret the signs as a reason to stay on. In such a case – just remember – A feeling of love and peace is a yes. Fear, and anxiety indicate otherwise.. Positive signs will always fill you with hope. Or calm your anxiety.

Constant blocks, could mean perhaps there is another road to be taken, or the situation should be reconsidered , don't be afraid - try something different.

There are no mistakes, only a variety of experiences.

There are so many ways to interpret the signs - A song will come up , you may find the movie on tv has a message for you, or you just know it in your bone.. Having faith in the universe makes for better conversation.. Even when you may not have faith, the universe will keep talking. Just slow down, take a deep breath, and tune in !

Arura crystal

The first day of my new job, some years ago. there was an angel waiting for me on my desk


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