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A Path Less Taken 

TED Tuesdays - The prison of your mind

TED tuesday


For years I've been touched by the magic of TED talks. Hearing other peoples stories, witnessing transformation, and finding hope, this was the place for it.

So in an effort to bring healing and empowerment to you - Ill be sharing some of these videos, that I hope will inspire , and connect with you.. and help you on your journey.

The first talk today touches on the subject of Self Talk - What are we telling ourselves everyday ? What is the story we are writing, or assuming we have ?

Re training the mind is a process. It takes courage, a desire to change, and constant discipline. Keep working at it - it is the secret to the way your story shapes up.


"Real prisons do not have bars, The real prison is up here "


Crystals to work with to implement change :

CAVANSITE - aids transition through major life changes

CHRYSOCOLLA - helps with grief- allowing you to let go of the past

FLUORITE - clears the mind , promotes clarity and new thought.

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