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A Path Less Taken 

A little bit of Crystal Magic to start the day.

Energy Healing

Who doesn't love Harry Potter ? A good Magic potion ? Well I do, and for one there's nothing I love more than mixing a little bit of this and that , giving reign to my inner witch.

Namely adding crystal magic to my everyday life.

Because we could all benefit from a little fun in a stress ridden world.

There are so many more ways to use crystals other than just carrying them around.

In this mini series, we'll explore a few ways.

To start with we'll explore the combination of crystals and water.

Water has been sacred, from the beginning of time.. it's healing properties have been revered by every civilization. What would our planet be without water ? Could we survive ?

In Atlantis , Poseidon was the God of the Sea , and the healing temple of Atlantis was named after him. In India, the river Ganges is a Goddess we worship - whose sacred waters are visited by thousands each day to wash away their sins..

sacred waters

And so it is known . that Water has the magical ability to enhance and absorb the energetic properties of crystals. And can be used in making elixrs, and sprays infused with crystal energy.

Alternatively, crystals can be added to your bathwater. Or in your drinking water.

My 'go to' method though, is the indirect method. Because as crystals are polished with various oils, those oils or chemicals are released into the water they are submerged in. It's why I prefer to let the crystal disperse it's energy into the water through it's point.

A simple way to do this is to use a wand and a bottle with a mouth smaller than the wand as shown. Make sure the tip is preferably above the water. Keep it overnight or 24 hrs. Away from the sun .

 wand and a bottle

Use coloured glass bottles for chakra based healing or clear ones.

Once your water has been infused , you can pour a few drops into your drinking water, or bath.

I prefer to make my elixrs daily , and cleanse my crystals as needed.

Share your stories with us, and we'll feature them on our facebook page .

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