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A Path Less Taken 

Forgiveness + Miracles

*Forgive them father. For they know not what they do. *


Forgiveness + Miracles

These were the words of Christ as he was crucified .. Even in his last moments, after all he endured, he chose love and forgiveness. He remains an inspiration for us, for the higher self within us - that is Christ Consciousness - universal love and forgiveness.

I've had a strong connection with Christ since a young age. I always imagined myself wearing a small gold cross in my neck. By birth I am born a Hindu - but I have had a love, for all forms of worship , I always often joke with a few friends - I must have been Catholic in a previous life.

The message of prophet , son of God, or avatar has often been distorted by human Ego with a need to be in charge . Jesus was born a man - who took in the energy of Source - Christ Consciousness which is what made him Jesus Christ. When he was connected to Source - he spread the message, and it was this energy that he tapped into to keep the faith and show unconditional love to even his tormentors.

This energy of Christ lies within us all. You do not have to be Christian, nor call it Christ Consciousness if you do not want to. Call it what you want and connect with it.

With Mercury in retrograde , and Venus.. relationships can be a focal point.. communication can be tough. Tempers are bound to flare and stuff is said to each other.

Take a moment to breath , call on your angels or guides. Ask them to help you center yourself. From that space of knowing you are a child of God, ask that they surround you in love and light. Ask to heal any hurt within you, for this is where we react from, rather than act with love.

Someone once told me "variety is the spice of life" Oh indeed. That variety can be spicy when it isn't to our liking !! We are all different . Forgiveness is really about understanding that we are at different stages in our journey. Some souls have not mastered some lessons and may have come with a certain disposition. Can you see that is who they are for now. And this is who you are.

Give yourself a gift by releasing your ego attachment to this hurt. Your spirit can't be hurt. ( Doesn't mean you gotta put up with shit or not have boundaries) . Learning to love yourself is the biggest lesson of all. Loving yourself doesn't mean being selfish and rude to others because you feel you should put yourself first.

Intend to let it go, and start by willing to forgive. Forgive yourself if you are struggling with these feelings of anger and unforgiveness. Let go of the need to have the last word, or control how someone thinks about you. This is a massive lesson that's come up for me today, and given everything that's happening around in the world.. it's not a bad time to work on this.

I've been working on forgiveness myself, and was reading the wonderful Kyle Gray's "angels whisper in my ear" It is such a magical book - it simply has energy pouring out of it.

man praying

In the last one week I have experienced miracles , and one of them happened today.

I was struggling with anger - an an emotion that is new to me since a year because the earliest years of my life- i learn't to just stuff my emotions down. And then the rest of my life- I never allowed myself to feel anything 'BAD', but since a month now - I feel it's all coming up for further healing so I can move forward with my work as a teacher, helper , guide.

So I was sitting today , in the prayer room, asking the angels and God to help me go back to my natural state of being - (as a child I had such a strong connection to God - the thought of God filled me with tears ) and like my previous miracle ( which I will write about soon) I was given another gift that was placed in my hands. This time I felt a golden sword being placed in my hands.

As I wrapped my fingers around the hilt - I heard the angels tell me it was a Sword of Truth. I was surprised yet I was not.

archangel michael

There is a beautiful card in the Diana Cooper Unicorn deck , and it is an image of Archangel Micheal .

This was not surprising as I'd been calling on Micheal since 2 days to release any unwanted energies so I can move on,and I had my Unicorn deck with me. :) Look at the card - It talks about helping the world. That is my path. That is what I have always felt called to do since childhood. I'm happiest when I'm of service. I feel as I take the steps to do this , I am shown the way. Forgiveness is a part of this.

Of course I have had my own lessons to learn, and learn to discern when I am meant to help and when someone is supposed to learn certain lessons - this is wisdom, and it comes with time and carries responsibility.

The healers journey is by no means a smooth ride. With blessings and abundance (of whatever kind) comes responsibility , choices , kindness , and discernment.

I feel I have been gifted this sword to help others clear their own untruth. How to use it - I will have to learn, and I'm excited about it.

For now, I use it on myself to break free of all that holds me from my path, And I would like to send it's energy to you today so you may release that which no longer serves you. We are all our own healers. We all have the power within, and it's my greatest wish to help empower people to find their own light inside.




Crystals to work with

Chrysocolla - overcoming the past

Rose Quartz - self love and compassion

Cavansite - making changes

Hiddenite / Kunzite - heart chakra healing , compassion


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