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A Path Less Taken 

It's that time of the year..

i'm ready to retrograde


Mercury Retrograde - Those two words bring fear and loathing in most peoples mind

And how. We have so many planets in retrograde you wonder what it's going to be like. Fear not.

It's time we started loving retrogrades, not hating them.

My guides tells me it's time to RE - ( insert the first word that comes to your mind).

It's such a fast paced world we live in. So much choice. Should I read, should I watch Netflix. Should I call my friends??

I don't know about you but I miss the days when to relax meant to actually relax. Shut eye and zone out.

So much to achieve. to follow your dreams. Prove to the world, prove to yourself.

It's been quite a learning curve to learn to slow down and let the world do what it has to do. To take the burden of saving the world off my shoulders. And once I realized, we are each responsible for our own healing - I found it lifted a load off my shoulders. I actually healed from years of insomnia.

But not everyone feels that way. We feel we have something to prove. We have something to chase. The universe on the other hand, knows that without a clear idea of where you are going, you're gonna go round in circles.. which is why it gives us the retrograde.

Take a time out peeps !

So what's THIS retrograde about ? With Mercury, Venus and Saturn and Jupiter all slowing down?

It's all about going within and understanding yourself. The four planets rule different sectors of your life , namely communication, relationships, life lessons and expansion. This is a time of really improving your inner dialogue, your relationship with yourself. Re assessing what you've learnt and figuring out where you want to go next. There are plenty of sites out there that say it's gonna be a shit fest.

But really... Like this too shall pass. the best saying I have ever heard in life is " there is nothing to fear but fear itself". So take this period of retrograde as a mini holiday from the world.. go to work, do your thing, see the brighter side of life, and laugh at the stupidity of human nature. ( Yours included )

You've spent too long beating your self up. Fucking up is cool. It means you aren't perfect. Isn't that a relief ?? You're human you get to make mistakes !!! And that means so do other people. Re group , rest up. And go retrograde.


So what's the first word that comes to your mind this retrograde ?

Write it down.

re- flect on it

re-asses it

re - define it

re-work it

re-live it

re- lease it

. Have a fabulous day. lot's of love !!! <3 ♥️♥️♥️ .

Crystals to work with -

Sodalite - Understanding your desires and life path

Rose Quartz - heal your relationship with yourself

Window Crystals - Help you journey within

Chlorite included Quartz - for regeneration and healing on a cellular level.


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