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A Path Less Taken 

Healing the healer within

Healing the healer


Someday I will be able to tell my story. But not yet. Now I have to wait, now I have to heal to find the strength, to live the life I am meant to live. Yet all is in divine order, going the way it should. From my side, I have to let go of that which doesn't serve me, and say yes to healing within. I see it not as a failure, but understanding the human condition. So I may be a better healer, and pass the gift within. ♥️ All healers first must learn to heal themselves..The journey is ever evolving. Don't compare what's going on outside with what is happening within. Peace is not a gilded ornament. Peace is a quiet silence you feel within. I'm trusting the journey ,because time is an illusion.. it will always be mine to bend.. a figment of my imagination. ♥️

Happy Sunday people. I have been going through a bout of unwell. For me I see it as clearing old energy from the past - events that were perhaps necessary ( maybe some were not ) to bring me where I am.

The really big lesson - is to learn to self love. To see oneself with compassion rather than judgement.

To know that each ones story has its own moments of glory and own moments of quiet.

Live together in kindness- in understanding.



Happy Sunday people

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