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A Path Less Taken 

April and Mercury Retrograde

 Lay down your roots this retrograde

Lay down your roots this retrograde


April is the 4th month of the year and the number 4 represents solidity and foundations. And here we are with Mercury retrograding, offering us a chance to do just that.

Every retrograde asks us to slow down and reflect. If you’ve been doing the work, then you’ve cleared out a lot of the old stuff and you’re an empty vessel that’s waiting to be filled up.

But do you want to rush and fill your vessel with junk again? I don’t think so. So now is the time when we are being asked to pause and reflect. Mercury rules communication, and rather than looking at the retrograde as a time where communications get awry – think of it as a time when communication slows down so you may start an inner dialogue with yourself. It’s time to dispel the fear around mercury retrogrades and show it some love. Why do you think why your electronics go kaput. So that you can get quiet and reflect.

 stay focused on your goals

The advice during this time would be to stay focused on your goals, rather than getting impatient or distracted by all the new shiny things you can fill your empty vessel with. You can here with a goal, and you’ve put in a lot of effort and work. Now is not the time to be disheartened by a few delays.

Think of it as a period of rest before you’re busy as a bee ! Use your creativity / out of the box thinking to look at things. You are a creator. There are endless possibilities to how you can achieve your goals. There isn’t one single way.

I asked for possible blocks that could come up and we had two cards that jumped out- yes the cards jump out. I don’t pull them :)

 stay focused on your goals

They are asking you to go inward and trust your intuition. Rid yourself of doubts, and leave the drama of the chaos around you. There will always be drama ! We human beings love it.. We’ve made an entire industry of it and it’s called Hollywood.

So sit back- have a laugh at human nature, and listen to your inner voice. Put those electronics away – they need a break too.

The outcome is you learn to be Master of your own destiny , by trusting your intuition and learning to go within.

 stay focused on your goals

Work with blue and indigo crystals like Lapis and Sodalite. These will help you speak your truth. Both are throat chakra and third eye stones.

(Mercury goes retrograde from April 9 to May 3)

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