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A Path Less Taken 

33 Days of Self Love

33 Days of Self Love


Romantic love- that other most sought after object after happiness. Or perhaps as most people assume - the two are tied up inexplicably in each other. Without one there isn't the other. Two halves of a whole.

But what is love really?

Just a craving of being accepted completely with all your flaws, quirks and screw ups.

Why do we seek this so hard ? Would we seek it if we gave it to ourselves ?

You long to share your stories with another - to be adored for this. or maybe you long to be accepted despite this.

Accept yourself.

Society will tell you what to be and what not to be. It will love you one day and discard you another depending on its own wild moods. You are guilty of this yourself aren't you? We all are. We love our close ones, or workmates one day - and day two they have done something to piss us off . What happened to unconditional love.

We often wait to find a partner who will show us a wild unconditional love. And so often it is because we cannot offer that love to our-self. Or we find a partner and wonder why we still feel unsatisfied. We stay in jobs, and situations we can't stand because we think we have no choice. Rather we just don't know what else to do . Loving yourself and knowing yourself changes that.

Getting to know yourself can be one of the more adventurous journeys we take on life.

When you completely accept yourself, you no longer seek the approval of others. You're not waiting for someone to come sweep you off your feet because you find satisfaction in all relationships - in love of all kinds. This doesn't mean to say you shouldn't enjoy a relationship.

Instead you aren't hurt by others choices or words because you stand strong in the power of your self love.

Self love also means knowing when it's time to change yourself. Admitting your mistakes isn't a loss of power - it's being kind to yourself and being empowered enough to make a change.

Knowing yourself gives you a better understanding of your choices, helps you understand your reactions, and above all it transforms your most important relationship. The one you have with your SELF.

After all, if we are all fragments of each other - how better to get to know another, than to discover your self.


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Self Love with suggested crystals on this journey.

card of self-love


Suggested Reading - Pema Chodron on Maitri (Loving Kindness towards yourself ) This is one amazingly funny, compassionate and honest lady who I completely admire.


Don't limit LOVE to the romantic, Let your LOVE extend to the birds, to the lakes To the rivers , To the Seas Let it fill empty roads, Hear it echo in the mountains Let your LOVE out in the world, And watch it come back tenfold to you.


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