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A Path Less Taken 

Solar Eclipse - Feb 26th 2017

 feminine moon took center-stage


And so the feminine moon took center-stage, but not completely last evening. The Sun refused to give up his full glory and blazed around the edges. She was too far away. But 6 months from now, she will be closer, and then there is no stopping her from taking center stage.

The energy was quite electric last night, post the solar eclipse. Here's the message I tuned into.


Eclipses are a time of closures on a large scale. Whether we like it or not - the doors close. Where we choose to reminisce over those closed doors or move forward toward new ones is our choice. I always thought life was like one of those story books - where you can choose which way the story goes, but then those in-between paths are sort of decided. So here we are- faced with choice , every step of the way/ And it can seem daunting - but only if you aren't clear about where you want to go.

Wild adventures are good - but if you're caught in a storm again and again - well something is wrong. It's going to wear you out.

This eclipse offers us a chance to enter the void - the darkness where we can rest and reflect. Like the moon which reflects the light of the sun - so we are a reflection of Gods creation. The moon knows its place on the Earth. Do you ?

We're all born with a purpose. It's a longing of our soul. It doesn't have to be that you leave it all and start over. It is a trait of the soul that is longing to make itself known. A desire to work with the elderly, or it could be a calling to make beautiful shoes.

And here lies a confusion that can come up. Shoes ? Is that spiritual enough ? Well whats wrong with that? Beautiful shoes ? What's wrong with the material ? Nothing. We are after all in the material form.

Solar Eclipse

Spirituality isn't about leaving all earthly desires - it's about leaving the attachment to the earthly desires. There is a vast difference between giving up on possessions and looking down on the world - that's still the Ego in control, and enjoying your possessions knowing they wont last forever, yet being grateful for them.

Desires are good - they are pointers in our life - telling us what we seek. They help us choose. For at the end of the day, aren't we all seeking a happiness. A feeling of peace. The material may not give a lasting peace. But if you realize - the value it brings to your life, it brings with it gratitude. and gratitude my friend, is what leads to happiness.

So this eclipse seek to release that which is no longer contributing towards your spiritual growth. Go within to cultivate wisdom to know the difference between a life lesson and an Ego trip.

Resolve to move forward for there is nothing to lose but an illusion of fear. Take action in the coming days towards your new dreams. Birth the seeds - make new keys to open those new doors.

Life is a treasure hunt. Seek with faith and you shall find.


The Birth card tells us new is here to enter our life


New situations are here now. The old is gone whether we like it or not. Keep an open mind to new ways of being, thinking , and getting things done.


You're changing, this ay leave you feeling vulnerable as new emotions come up. Rather then giving into Ego - hold your head high, do the right thing. There is a wonderful saying - How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours.


Be open to a wonderful light energy. You are evolving . The Christ energy contains an energy of love and compassion. Jesus's message was about forgiveness and universal love. Allow this energy to heal you, as you let go of outdated ways of being.

The Eclipse energy can leave us feeling tired, and maybe push our buttons - take time to go within and rest.

Work with Chrysocolla , Lapis ( for honesty) and Clear Quartz Banded Agate will help you see the many sides of the situation.. quartz will bring in the light .


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