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A Path Less Taken 

What is Love ?

A week dedicated to exploring love and it's meaning.



Love is discovering that those around you are fragments of yourself.

Love is knowing, that everyone is doing the best they can

Love is feeling, the kiss of a departed soul when you feel the wind on your cheek

Love is seeing the light that is simply hidden in a dark room, because you haven’t lit the candle yet

Love is knowing that nothing is truly lost, broken, ugly

For we are all connected, complete, beautiful

three stones with one flower

Love is a thread that weaves our stories together

It is unbreakable, it binds us

Yet it is wise enough to expand

To make room for growth

For new stories

For it knows

It is the seed of all things

It is the air you breath

It is the hands you hold

It is the trees that grow around you


Love is everywhere

Love is everyone

Love is everything

man standing in poland

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