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A Path Less Taken 

A look at the Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Energies 10th Feb 2017


"To forgive someone is to set a prisoner free – only to realize the prisoner was yourself "-Lewis B Smedes

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Energies

So we have a Full Moon and an eclipse tomorrow (Early morning of the 11th if you are in India) - Two very powerful forms of releasing. And an opportunity to do some serious baggage shedding.

Full Moons are usually a time of release - so it's natural that you're going to feel uncomfortable as stuff comes up for you to face. This can manifest emotionally or physically in your body. With the added energy of an upcoming eclipse, its going to feel a lot stronger.

The energy has been building up as you have spent a lot of time (– it’s always a choice) on self work , going within to understand yourself and look at whats been holding you back. If you've been doing the work - you have certainly come a long way , whether consciously or not.

And one of your biggest realizations and it’s been hard to accept, – is that you’ve been the block all along. A need to hold onto the past , to point the fingers, to avoid action is only going to hold you back further from all you desire.

So this is where Forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness helps you move past this block. Forgive your so called enemies – when actually they are only your teachers,showing you where you need to improve or change. You are learning important life lessons that your soul has chosen to experience.

Most of all Forgive yourself- for your choices, in this life or another, for not admitting the truth to yourself, for your stubbornness to move ahead. Forgive your need to know it all, to have the last word or milk the blame game to death.

Let it just flow down gently downstream in this river of life- and watch as you release it Abundance that you desire comes your way.

You have a lot of blessings in hand- take stock of them , daily if need be, until gratitude becomes an attitude.

You’re not weak – you’re amazingly strong- its all within. Tap into the power and make it work for you.

The final two cards that came as I asked what lies ahead put a massive smile on my face !


And the icing on the cake- FREEDOM

Love it ! Does it really need an explanation? Nope !

So are you ready to start new? To let go of old ways, old hurts ? The time is now


Use Selenite to open your heart chakra and raise your vibration.

This stunning crystal is a wonderful heart and soul star chakra opener.

Chrysocolla and Rose Quartz will help you with letting go and opening up to new experiences.


The full moon will occur early on the morning of the 11th if you are in India. While The Eclipse occurs at 4 AM on the 11th morning also.

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