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Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz


ZODIAC  :  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio 

planet  :  Venus

Rose Quartz is nature’s most loving gift. A universally loved stone, most people are always attracted to it's soft pink energy.

The ultimate love stone, this stone promotes love on all levels.

It is a healer of the heart. Whether you want to attract love into your life, or learn to love yourself, (after all we attract that what we are) Rose quartz is a stone for everyone.

Held against the chest, one can feel its loving energy immediately as it opens the Heart Chakra gently . This stone accepts and imparts its love to all, beginners and practitioners.

Use Rose Quartz, in the home or any area to bring love and harmony. 



*heals grief in a gentle way, providing comfort

*opensthe heart chakra to self love and compassion

*dissolves anger and fear

*when given as a gift, it strengthens the bond between two people and helps to heal the relationship

*rose quartz helps you appreciate the beauty in your surroundings




love, healing, oneness, transmuting


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