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crystals and the elements

Today, we cannot see what our ancestors knew as a fact even without learning, for example, that a certain stone is a conduit of certain type of elemental energy. Because of that there are different classifications and you can find that certain stones belong to many different categories. Below is given the scheme we believe could be closest to reality.


According to the Element Theory, the human being is a small model of the universe. What happens in the human body exists in altered form in the universal body. It is believed that everything is made up of these elements, or building blocks: earth, water, fire and air. Their properties are important in understanding balances and imbalances in the human body.

Within our bodies it is fire – energy – that binds the atoms of our molecules together; that converts food to fat (stored energy) and muscle; that turns (burns) food into work; and that creates the impulses of nervous reactions, of our feelings, and even our thought processes. Fire is considered form without substance.  the theory of healing with fire revolves around the preservation of the balance between hot and cold elements in the body.

Zodiac : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius​

It representative of the solid state of matter (material), it manifests stability, fixity and rigidity. We see around us rocks and soil standing against the wearing forces of water and wind. Our body also manifests this earth/solid state structure: bones, cells and tissue are physical structures through which our blood courses and oxygen is transported. Earth is considered a stable substance.

Zodiac : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

We use air to blow away negative states, or breathe into action positive states. Air in the body creates sound and words. We live in an ocean of air. It is the gaseous form of matter (material) which is mobile and dynamic. We do not see the air that blows through the tree leaves, but we feel it.  We feel air as it courses down our throats and into our lungs. Cut that feeling off for more than a few minutes and we know with our whole being how fundamental air is to life. Within the body, air (oxygen) is the basis for all energy transfer reactions – oxidation. Clean and pure, it is a key element required for fire to burn. Air is existence without form.

Zodiac : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water as a dynamic substance is an elemental manifestation of balance and versatility. Therefore, as we submerge inside of this space, our bodies and nervous system are able to calibrate to this prima materia. It is a liquid matter (material) characterized by change. In the outer world we see water moving through its cycles of evaporation/clouds/condensation/rain, we see it moving around solid matter such as rocks and mountains, and we see it eventually wearing away solid, immovable matter as it flows from the mountains to the sea. Water is considered a substance without stability.

Zodiac : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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