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third eye

Azurite Crystal



ZODIAC  :  Sagittarius

planet  :  venus

A stone of transformation and intuition, Azurite is a stunning deep blue- mysterious like Lapis.

Placed under the pillow, or in meditation- it provides psychic visions for those who are receptive to it. Use it to discover truth and clear the illusion from your life. It is a transformation stone, for those who are seeking to make changes and release old habits.

This is a highly powerful third eye stone, when you are attuned to it, it brings great clarity to a situation and ocassionally provide psychic visions. 



*use it to enhance creative expression + inspiration

*used in deep meditation it provides clarity and dispels illusion

*connect to the Divine Feminine

*promotes psychic vision.

*use it to connect to the energy of Mother Earth

Azurite is a stone I have worked with often. Its visionary properties are magical, its voice loud and clear. Wether you are a novice or a seasoned crystal worker, this is a powerful stone for all.

colour:Electric blue nodules, found sometimes with malachite or on copper (green)

third eye chakra, transformation, femininity, environment  


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