Apophylite is a high vibration crystal, that forms naturally as pyramids , making it a very powerful conductor of energy. A wonderful stone for those seeking higher states of consciousness, and understanding.

It is used to contact your guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and the Higher Self. It encourages mystical states, and facilitates astral travel. Use it to purify your space, and keep the energy high.

For those seeking to understand themselves, this stone assists our ability to see and comprehend our own behaviors and attitudes which fearful avoidance may have kept hidden. It leaves one free to overcome these blocks and achieve the best we are capable of.



*connects you to ancient wisdom

*encourages deep meditative states

*enhances clairvoyance when placed on the third eye. 

*releases anxiety           

*helps you see the truth and take action on it.

colour: clear- quartz like, translucent lemon and pale green forms as pyramids or cubes

 Crown chakra, understanding, clarity, energy and balance

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green Apophylite


Green  Apophylite will help to gain clarity in mind and heart- helping you to make difficult decisions.

It heals and balances the heart chakra by letting go of issues that no longer serve your growth. It helps to remove toxins from the body, and placed in the home creates a healing environment.       Use it to connect with the energies of Earth and Nature. It brings a light fresh energy to the environment, and clears unwanted EMF.


*allows for forgiveness to occur

*balances the emotions

*good for those recovering from illness as it removes toxins from the body and environment. 

*Helps to communicate with elementals, faeries, nature spirits

colour: transparent to translucent green, sometimes clear as glass

 Crown chakra, understanding, clarity, energy and balance