Aqua aura


Combining the power of Quartz and Gold,  Aqua Aura is a stunning crystal,  -  Quartz that is coated in Gold..  The energy is intense making it a beautiful stone to own. It increases self awareness, helping one understand their motives.


Some feel this stone is not effective as it is partly man made, but that is not the case. It is quite like using two crystals together. combining the properties of gold and crystal.


*teaches you to accept your successes, brings prosperity and opportunities for abundance

*increases psychic ability and awareness, telepathy and clairvoyance

*a strong meditative tool, calms the emotions

*protective against psychic attack and energetically draining environments

*reduces and eliminates anger

*helps with all throat chakra issues – thyroid, immune system issues, depression and anxiety



Aqua aura is quartz that is gold infused. It is created by by heating quartz crystals to over 1500F in a vaccum equal to 2 earth atmospheres. Once the right heat and vacuum is attained, chemically purified gold vapors are let into the chamber with the crystals This bonds the gold to the lattice of the crystal, forming a permanent bond to the surface of the quartz, giving it an electric blue color. Sometimes carved or cabochons of quartz crystal are infused with gold to become aqua aura, but the most common forms are points and clusters. Often natural points and clusters show internal fractures due to the high heat and pressure in their birth as Aqua Aura. This in no way lessens the beauty or the energy of the crystals, and often shows rainbows inside


colour: a metallic rainbow coating​

Recently it has become common practice to coat a variety of various different crystals in this method. It is known as Angel Aura Quartz. Those crystals will contain the energy of the host crystal enhanced with Gold. 

  joy, abundance, protection, clairvoyance


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