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ELEMENT : Water   

ZODIAC   : Virgo 

planet   : Saturn

Connecting one to the spiritual realm, Ajoite puts you in touch with the Goddesses and feminine energy. This bluish green translucent quartz makes you aware of yourself and promotes your self-image, your worthiness and self-respect. 


A beautiful stone for learning self love.

This stone vibrates throughout all the chakras from the heart chakra which includes the

thymus or higher Heart Chakra sending out an abundant energy of love which also encourages one to embrace forgiveness.


*Instills compassion and forgiveness for self and the others .

*Boosts spiritual growth as it activates the higher heart chakra.

*Helps release stress from your body and starts to heal your body to a better physical health

*The feminine energy in this Quartz also helps in boosting physical and emotional immunity and free from disease 

*connect to the spirit realm and your guides

*encourages communication of wisdom and knowledge

​Colour: Translucent bluish green often found with clear quartz 


self love, growth, forgiveness, communication


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