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heart + throat 


ELEMENT : Water   

ZODIAC : Virgo 

planet : venus 

Amazonite is a stone that is often overlooked, or not as popular and well known as other green stones, like Jade or Fluorite. But like it’s name suggests , it is a force in the crystal world like the river it is named after. It heals you gently, teaching you to flow with life's current.


It is a beautifully supportive stone for those that have gone through or are undergoing trauma.

A throat chakra stone, it teaches you to speak your truth in a loving way, setting boundaries and learning to take care of the self.

It occurs in shades of turquoise green promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.


*supportive for women and womens issues

*temper aggression and anger

*instill courage, and acceptance of ones situation.

*balance the heart and throat chakra awakening compassion for the self and others.

*teach you to speak your truth (for people who have a hard time setting boundaries or speaking up for themselves)

*in meditation use it to discover  your inner truth.


Amazonite is a stone used to make positive changes in ones life. It instills self discipline, teaches self care and self love. It harmonizes relationships and balances ones male and female energies.

It was widely used by the ancients, and is also known as Amazon Jade or Amazon stone.

Color: Sea Green, with a marbled effect

self care, heart chakra , self worth, courage


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